WES 2008 Keynote: Mike Lazaridis and Mike De La Cruz and James M. Kilts (Keynote Party)


blackberrycoolmike.jpg8:34am Late to bed, late to rise! But BBCool is here in full effect, along with 12 million other people! Simon’s going to be manning the flickr stream, and you have BBCool Douglas handling the live blogging!

8:38am Last year, Mikey L. toughed through a keynote while sick. If he’s healthy this year, he should be 5x more effective

8:40am Just received word that the keynote is starting in 5 min. I like the fact that Wi-Fi is 10x faster than last year, and that BBCool Dave just brought me Starbucks. Thanks, BBCool Dave!

8:44am We’re starting! Promo video talking about how much work is put into WES. ‘Contained chaos’ indeed! More than 5,000 people! And this year it’s not all RIM employees…

8:46am Ok, they’re taking the promo video a little far. Everyone has already shown up, you don’t need to tell them how hard you’re working. Bring on the keynote!

8:48am Here we go, a video with Mikey talking about innovation. “Innovation is a process that occurs when you bring to bear training, talent, experience and incentives.”

He’s talking about how the first BlackBerrys were ‘a revelation’ and how they spent so much time on the function and the ergonomics of the BlackBerry. They sweated the details, and that’s why it only came in black. In typical fashion, it was a big deal when they released a blue one. Sounds like RIM.

BUT!! They new that they could include all the flashy stuff after the fact once they had a secure platform that worked. After seeing the BlackBerry Bold, I must say that Mikey L. knows what the hell he’s talking about.

8:51am Mikes talking about the innovation groups he chairs within RIM about roundtabling what’s going to be in the next BlackBerry. My guess? Touchscreen.

“If you can predict what are going to be the technologies of the future, you absolutely score a bulls-eye in the marketplace.”

8:53am Mikey’s taken the stage! Pimping the show, over 5,000 people, every sponsorship levels are sold out… He’s looking healthy and happy. Sold 28 million BlackBerrys (half in the last year alone), 14 million subscriber, #6 vendor in the mobile phone industry, #2 smartphone worldwide…

Talking partnerships: Platinum… TeleNav…. “Too many to name them all.” Heh.

8:56am Pitched to a video of John Halamka, a doctor, another one of these ‘I’m a very important person and my life revolves around BlackBerry.’ You’re preaching to the choir, Mikey.

Heh. Now it’s John Mayer talking about how BlackBerrys have expanded beyond enterprise. “The BlackBerry is extension of thought.” Thanks John Mayer, when is your next album coming out? How is Jennifer Anniston?

8:58am Ok, talking about the RIM employees. That’s good of him to give them a shout-out. They definitely work hard, and have drank the corporate kool-aid. “We’ve assembled the best talent, the leaders in the industry. The BlackBerry ‘platform’ is our singular focus.”

9:00am “In many countries, it’s the only device approved for Government and military use… Good enough does not apply to security.” Word, Mikey.

Another video, talking about Lotus Connections and bringing social networking to the BlackBerry… Now he’s talking about the Facebook app… 1 million downloads… Hey isn’t that because our carriers push the freaking app to our device whether we want it or not?

9:02am BlackBerry: “The most robust, worldwide push platform.” Can we get that on a tee shirt?

9:03am Oh shit! The BlackBerry Bold!!! Starting off with a new promo video. Completely doesn’t suck like every other video RIM has made… RIM must have a new PR firm…

“The best keyboard we’ve ever made…” Word. “The best finish.” Word. “The best display.”

Now he’s quoting a bunch of tech companies and their rave reviews on the BlackBerry. Where’s the BBCool quote Mikey?

9:05am A vision of the future… Taking the platform farther… “A maintenance free BlackBerry. Deploy them any time, any where.” BES 4.1.5

BlackBerrys to include document attachment and editing, right from the get go. Sweet! Full attachment download and editing! Full server-side search and a new browser!

“10 years ago, we revolutionized email. Now we free the PBX phone.”

9:08am Going to leave us with three key points. Now thousand of applications available to the BlackBerry. Highest accredited system ever. Now they’re going to free the PBX.

What? Talk more about the Bold!!! Mikey’s in and out… Wow. I’m stunned.

9:09am Now we have Mike De La Cruz… Talking about the future of enterprise software… not enterprise mobility, because they’re converging.

What’s happening in the market today: 250 billion spent on enterprise software. Sweet god! Primarily designed to be used on a desktop, if it’s to be used by human beings.

9:12am But we know that we have professionals who are not in front of their desktops. Sales people, obviously. “I think this problem is actually an opportunity for all of us here today. The opportunity is to bridge that gap and provide another channel.”

Sounds great, but isn’t this what we’ve been talking about since the BlackBerry released?

Oh! Shouting out the prosumers, who lead the purchasing decisions now. “The prosumer rules. Let’s talk about the world with the prosumer in the middle.”

Basically, he’s saying listen to BlackBerry Cool: the ultimate in prosumer opinion.

9:15am The approach to shrinking down desktop apps doesn’t work in a prosumer world, because they’re already doing things on their device that they’re passionate about, and that they’re looking to leverage. Their inbox, their calendar, their apps…

“It’s been a request all along, and maybe we haven’t been in a position to listen.”

9:16am He’s pulled out the BlackBerry Bold. Just got it last night, talking about how he already loves it.

How he uses it personally. Alarm clock, calendar, opening up an appointment and he’s opening up SAP… Talking about how it’s one click from his calendar… The second click is all the rich data that he has on his server about contact information, which allows him to prepare for his meeting.

What he loves the most: can take a look at the contact, call them, and after the call, log it as an activity to his CRM. That’s actually pretty slick, and indeed natural. It beats my ‘sticky note’ system.

9:20am “I’ve been in CRM for 20 years and it’s been impossible to solve this problem: it’s very difficult to get people to use the CRM all the time, to make the data relevant. You have to take it to their inbox, their calendar, their contacts. That’s where the prosumer lives.”

We need to get this guy at BBCool as our CTO. I wonder how much he’d cost?

9:21am Someone is using his phone number displayed above to call him from the crowd. No, it wasn’t us… Heh.

9:22am He’s asking the crowd what they think and he’s getting mild applause, but I’m all over it.

“We’re at the beginning of something great. The seismic shift towards smartphones. At the beginning of this journey, we must put the bullseye at the right spot: the user. My way, my device.”

Preach it!

9:24am “We have to take this beyond push capabilities… Take it to the core enablers… Connectivity (Bluetooth, wifi), Multimedia, Presence, Social Networks. Start working together as an ecosystem to solve these business problems.”

9:26am “Think about product training, think about service videos. How do we take care of that in a manageable way?” Has this guy not heard about Chalk?

Social Networks… He uses Facebook, but where can we take this? “To find the right people to solve the right problem at the right time?” I want a damn LinkedIn mobile app!

9:28am “If we build this ecosystem, we can solve these problems.”

9:29am Introducing James M. Kilts. Author and founding partner, Centreview Partners. Wow, this guy has a resume longer than my rap sheet. Excited to hear what he has to say. Apparently, Warren Buffet is a fan.

9:32am Talking about his management philosophy, found in the book we all got “doing what matters”.

Basically, what you should pay attention to, and what you should ignore. He used these to turn around some troubled global companies (Gillette).

9:35am “Find something you like to do best, then get someone to pay you for it.”

Keynote readers: this part of today’s keynote is pretty dry, and he has a book out. So we’re going to try and get more content up. I’ll post anything that he says which seems interesting.