The BlackBerry Cool Podcast: WES 08 Day 4 (Andrew Brown, Strategy Analytics)

Besides the food, we come to WES to give our readers the best possible coverage of what’s happening in the BlackBerry space. However, this isn’t something that we can do alone, which is why our podcasts usually focus on interviewing industry players far more intelligent than ourselves to help us connect the dots.

This year, we lucked out when we ran into Andrew Brown of Strategy Analytics at the BoxTone lounge. An industry analyst that has been following RIM for 10 years, his knowledge of the space is unparalleled. Join us as Simon and I ask Andrew about a range of subjects, including BlackBerry’s growing ecosystem, RIM’s future strategy and why they should be working with bloggers. I highly recommend that every member of the BlackBerry Cool Nation listen to this podcast.

Listen to the podcast via MP3, RSS/XML, or iTunes.

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