WES 08 Special Guest Editorial: NJBlackBerry can’t choose just one

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Many in the BlackBerry Cool Nation are familiar with the name NJBlackBerry. A BlackBerry Forums Super (Duper?) Moderator, NJBlackBerry has guided many a BlackBerry newb through the growing pains of memory leaks, device wipes, and forgotten passwords. This week he’s been kind enough to help us as a Best of WES judge for IT/Admin products and services. Watching him carve up the show floor like a seasoned pro has been a sight to behold.

However, while we asked NJB to give us the one name that stood above the rest, he refused: there was simply too much good stuff at WES 2008 to be ignored. So we asked him to give us a laundry list of everything a smart IT Admin would want.

At the request of BlackBerry Cool, I’ve carved up WES 08’s IT Admin category into a few pieces for your reading pleasure. In some cases I really can’t choose a “best” since I can’t evaluate them, but picking the best of a group of good candidates is always hard. Can’t remember the last time anyone said that about a US Presidential Election. But in the BlackBerry Server tools marketplace, this is REALLY HARD, because there are lots of viable candidates. So rather than arbitrarily choosing one product over another, here’s what I saw that was cool and requires serious investigation.

Clear favorites:

ROVE has products that every server administrator should be interested in - Mobile Admin for the Windows guys and they even show some love for the Unix/Linux crowd with MobileSSH. So they can grep and awk to their heart’s delight. While undoubtedly not as much fun as their corporate brothers at BPlay, ROVE consistently turns out quality software that just plain works. A Best of WES candidate for sure. ROVE has left the gap created by the sudden and mysterious disappearance of Idokorro. :-)

Neverfail ensures high availability and failover for your BES environment. If your BES can NEVER, EVER, be down, check this out. Great stuff. But very expensive.

BES Monitoring and Administration

There are three candidates here - BoxTone, Zenprise and Conceivium. These companies are difficult to differentiate: at a high level all three do the same thing, just a little differently. However, it’s important to note that Neverfail integrates with Conceivium in a powerful combination.

Any BES Admin with more than a handful of BlackBerry Servers would be a fool not to look at all three of these. The best? I have no clue. Zenprise seems to have more experience as they have been in the Exchange space for a while. This is a new and changing area, so we’ll have to keep a close eye on it.

Mobile Device Management

Two contenders here – GPXS and Internoded. Both help you manage your thousands of BlackBerrys deployed globally. Best? I can’t even say which is better.

Soooo.. Because the boys at BlackBerry Cool are pushing me to make up my mind (shouldn’t a IT Admin be allowed to have it all?)…

NJBlackBerry’s Best of WES:

Rove – No one beats their Server Administration tools.
Neverfail Group – If your BES can “never fail” look at these guys.
#3 – You pick! It truly depends on your company’s needs.

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