BlackBerry 8120, 8320 coming to Rogers?

Word has it Rogers will be shoving out the Wi-Fi Pearl sometime soon, doubling up on previous speculation. This would be pretty big news, as it would be a helluva great release valve for Canadian wireless data rates, and the first step towards their rumored UMA service.

UPDATE: A rep just told me that they’ll have the Wi-Fi Curve, and confirmed the coming UMA service in around a month’s time. Still no word on a Bold date, but likely a month or two after the US.

3 Responses to “BlackBerry 8120, 8320 coming to Rogers?”

  1. 1 fijianbrownguy

    um…its not speculation …i work for the company and we just had training on it like last week …it will be coming out but if you go to the site it only shows the nokia because they will launch the pearl later on

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