Analysts give best guess for Bold pricing

AT&T BlackBerry 9000I wouldn’t call it so much as a leak as a market analyst tabbing up parts prices and typical markup, but sources are speculating that AT&T will be busting out the BlackBerry 9000 for $300 in July, and September for Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile. They’re guessing T-Mobile will be $50 more, who knows why, but it all seems in the right ballpark. You guys have any particular opinions on the proposed prices?

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  1. 1 Alpine-Al

    Did the analyst indicate if these are the expected purchase prices or the expected “with a 2-year contract” prices?


    Can’t wait to have this… more desired than the overrated iphone!

  3. 3 rh

    Maybe, T-mobile will cost more because it will be a UMA phone?

  4. 4 JC3

    When you say “September” for Verizon, that means September 2010 right?

  5. 5 DavidB

    Unless BG knows something he hasn’t divulged, what would make you think this would come out on Verizon and Sprint? It’s a GSM-only device, no CDMA that anyone’s even speculated.

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