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One of the consistent complaints about BlackBerry is the lack of internal memory available for applications. Sure, microSD cards add some storage for media files, but programs have to be launched directly from the device. Well, Aerize has an interesting solution that involves swapping out applications stored on your BlackBerry’s physical memory onto the memory card so you can store more apps. These guys have an awesome sale going on now, where you can grab not only the card loader, but their fine file explorer (which includes a zip and unzip utility) for half off regular price. These are some very handy tools for those looking to save some room on their handheld… be sure to take advantage before the sale runs out on Friday!

  • lance
    Reg codes are on receipt. Five digit numbers. My prob is neither prog has info, nor links to info, explaining what they do and how to do it. Neither does Aerize site. Really really stupid. It's also been claimed on Berryreview blogs that Card Reader doesn't do what they claim it does, ie free up system memory.
  • Aerize
    We assure you the deal is and has been active. Click the 'add bundle' button in the “Better Together” section. This will add both products for the price of one.
  • bwales
    There is no deal. The price is $20 for the single program as it Has always been.
  • Susan Wilson
    I am having problems getting the codes to activate my Aerize Explorer and SD card programs. I have been to their site and the help page does not exist according to the site and there is no way to contact the company for help.
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