BlackBerry OS 4.6 features (Browser, iTunes Sync, Alarm, Spell Check)

BlackBerry OS 4.6Who needs OS 4.5 when you can have OS 4.6? Of course, you’re going to have to wait until the BlackBerry Bold is released to get it, but we’re all going to buy one anyways, right?

We’ve got our hands on a top-level feature listing of OS 4.6 (due 2nd half of ‘08) and it doesn’t seem to feature anything we didn’t already know about, but it tells us more about what we did. New stuff? Almost too much to name… The BlackBerry Browser will feature increased support of web standards, like AJAX and CSS 2.1, spell check is now continuous (finally!), files can now be downloaded via the browser… you’re just going to check out the pics yourself and tell us what you like the most.

(Ted! Ted! Ted! You are sooo getting a free tee shirt!)

27 Responses to “BlackBerry OS 4.6 features (Browser, iTunes Sync, Alarm, Spell Check)”

  1. 1 Kenny D

    Does anyone know if 4.6 is backwards compatable to the 8830?

  2. 2 Bill

    Daddy like

  3. 3 Kev Quinn

    Does anyone know when this will roll out in the U.K. I’m a relatively new bb user but have been hooked and already looking to upgrade to the next one. Also does anyone know if there is an os sys upgrade for the curve I’m still on os 4.2.

  4. 4 Chris B

    Does iTunes synch include podcasts?

  5. 5 Brian C


  6. 6 Prabhu

    anyone knows whether OS 4.6 will support blackberry 8100??

  7. 7 drew

    I would like to know when the blackberry bold is coming out? Also is the OS compatible with my blackberry curve?

  8. 8 David Anderson

    Wonderful…and if it arrives before the next Ice Age, it will be even better!

  9. 9 Stacey

    Will the new OS be compatible with the 8120? I too would like to know when the Bold will be released and the price range.

  10. 10 Eddie Keator

    BRING IT ON! I am ready!!!!

  11. 11 Joseph Hoetzl

    Just when we thought Plazmic could get a new version out of beta…

  12. 12 Greg

    Can’t wait. Hope to see the Javelin on CDMA Carrier too…

  13. 13 scook1

    just upgraded to os4.5 do we have a uk date for 4.6..?

  14. 14 kaysus

    RSAP protokoll is supported with 4.6

  15. 15 quamar

    can any one tell me how i can upgrade to OS 4.6 on my black berry Curve 8310? on net where i can find the link? what is the process? can somebody explain me step by step how i can upgrade it?

  16. 16 Serena

    I use http://www.doubletwist to sync my iTunes library with my Blackberry. It’s free and it’s really easy.

  17. 17 Akash

    You cant upgrade 8310 to 4.6. To the max u can upgrade it to 4.5

  18. 18 jenwilly

    That sucks about not being able to upgrade the Curve 8310 to OS 4.6. It could have helped a great device run even better.

    I’ve done a little tweaking to my phone to get things to run better. I’ve got Opera Mini instead of that crappy BB web browser, and it works so much quicker and has better rendering. I also DL’ed Mobiola XPlayer, and it plays videos and music from my SDcard very well; the video resolution and such are on par with watching a movie dirctly from an iPod. I just wish I could use Mobiola XPlayer to watch things from the web, such as YouTube; I’m stuck with BB’s crappy media player.

    I just upgraded in December so I’m not due for an upgrade anytime soon, and I don’t have the $400+ to upgrade to a Bold anyways, so I’m stuck with my Curve for a while. I just wish I knew how to tweak it just a little more…

  19. 19 clenard

    Just got the Curve 8330 Inferno. I like it but the media player is crap. Where can I download one that will play a larger selection of videos from You Tube to whatever. Can I upgrade the os from 4.5 to 4.6? New Blackkie

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