Sprint’s BlackBerry 8330 due tomorrow? How’s that price?

If Alltel and Verizon weren’t getting you to bite, we’ve been getting reports from all over the BlackBerry Cool Nation that Sprint’s BlackBerry 8330 should be available tomorrow, May 9th., for $179.99 on a two year plan and after rebates. Considering that Verizon and Alltell are offering the same device (GPS, stereo bluetooth, EV-DO) for $219.99 and $229.99, respectively, it seems as though showing up late to the party isn’t such a bad deal after all. Don’t even get us started on the Canadian carriers.

Post a comment and let us know which carrier you feel is winning the BlackBerry 8330 war. Full CDMA Curve device specs available after the jump. Thanks to Randy and the rest who tipped us off.

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  1. 1 ashantiblack

    Well that’s hard to believe considering the fact that there have been rumors going on forever. I will luv to believe it but don’t want to be let down either. So if its true then that’s a good thing if not we will have to wait till June

  1. 1 Sprint’s BlackBerry 8330 goes live | BlackBerry Cool

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