SteelCloud and Conceivium partner up

This one nearly slipped under the WES radar, but not quite. SteelCloud, the BES-in-a-box that boasts a half-hour setup time, has announced that they’re preloading SteelWorks Mobile with Conceivium BES monitoring via MobileMonitor and Analyzer. The majority of BES admins I talked to at WES didn’t have a monitoring solution in place, so this is a pretty sweet deal to have it all bundled together with the initial set-up. There is talk that RIM will be including monitoring software with the next version (5.0) of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, however… I wonder how much of a bite that will take out of potential BES monitoring customers…

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  1. 1 Jibi

    RIM already packs the BlackBerry Monitoring Service with BES 4.1 SP5 (and soon SP6), although most agree that it’s absolute crap. While it may hit a home run with small to medium businesses, who wouldn’t purchase a monitoring solution otherwise, it won’t hurt most of the good monitoring solutions (this excludes Conceivium, as they are basically on par with the free solution from RIM).

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