SPECIAL WES 08 CONTEST: How Much Do You Love Your BlackBerry?

Our buddies at Chalk have a great contest lined up for WES, where attendees can send in pictures showing their devotion to the little mobiles from Waterloo that rule our lives (or at least our thumbs). Some of the samples they’re showing off include some racy bedside photography, happy marriages, and states of Zen-like calmness facilitated by BlackBerry.

The prize is a cool $1000 in cold cash, but is available only for WES attendees, which is a bit of a bum deal… but not to fret, BBCool is running the at-home side of things, so y’all don’t feel left out. We’ll be giving out an awesome prize pack chock-full of software and accessories to the reader who can best show off their BlackBerry love in picture format. If you’ll be at WES, be sure to pick up a copy of Rolling Phone at booth 114 to see how you can win $1000 or have a shot at the random $500 draw. Don’t get too down if you can’t make it to the show - just fire up the camera, get your Klondike Bar groove on, drop a comment with a link to your picture (Photobucket and Flickr are always good options) and enjoy the WES coverage.

Last week, there was more than one story about folks checking the scores in the middle of a meeting, but Ricky stood out for keeping a whole section informed of the scores at another game. Three themes from Bplay are yours, Ricky! Thanks everyone for sharing your sports stories, and hope to see your entries for this week!

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  1. 1 D. S kahain

    Blackberry is zen!

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