Average cell phone user sends 200 text messages per month!!

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So how are your thumbs feeling today? Newsmax is reporting that in 2007, the average cellphone user sent 188 text messages per month, which equals roughly 2,256 texts a year. Sweet mama! Now, obviously this study refers to cellphone users and not smartphone users, which I would assume text far more often.

Does anyone have a rough estimate of how many texts and emails they fire off a month from their BlackBerry? Post a comment and let us know. Also, stay tuned for an upcoming interview with a medical specialist about the hazards of BlackBerry thumb. Seriously.

  • Mariah
    I sent over 2500 last month.
  • Txter
    yeah it's crazy about the average...that's gotta be wrong!
  • Txter
    Last night my dad called me downstairs and was devastated to find out I had used 3000! I'd hate to think what he would do if i used 10000!
  • Random kid
    Haha iv been going at about 550 txts per day on my ipod...
  • Nutters
    Geeeshhh...Look at all of the employers getting ripped off by these texting slackers....
  • Coolieo
    LOL! In the past week and a half I've used about 2,500! And that's apparently the yearly average!?! I have a blackberry storm.
  • brandon
    ok. the must be including people who dont txt in their average.. becuase i break 30,000 a month.. and my record is about 36,000 or 37,000. so they need a better average than 200! really??
  • Frandon
    YOU ARE CRAZY ! get a life.
  • Hannah
    I have a Sidekick..and I text about 2500 a month.I'm at about 250 a day though :)
  • Alex
    wow... I'm about 12,000 a month.
  • josh
    i average about 12000 a monthe sending and reciving messages.
  • Mordy Simon
    In response to those who went over 100,000... Wow. Even I am impressed. Currently I am at 22,000. My billing cycle ends on the 19th. I average anywhere between 500-1000 a day. I could never imagine going over 100,000 not only would my thumbs be dead, but how does one have the time? Thank G-d for the BlackBerry =D. I hold the record for the most texts in one month at my school... I am hoping within the next five years I can potentially reach 100,000 a month. I've been increasing my monthly about 2,500 per month. Anyone know how long it will take to reach 100k??
  • Dave G
    I have a lg chocoalate, and in the month of december i sent 8,500 texts...but my average is probably around 4,000.
  • Ben
    I send like 600 a month. I have a Cell PHONE, not a portable instant messenger. I don't get the point of sending a text unless you can't talk to someone (like in class, for example). I talk for something like 360 minutes a month or so.

    My sister sent 17,000 texts in one month. 17,000!! I can't even get to 1,000! How can anyone *possibly* text that much?? My parents are a little concerned. 58 of her minutes were phone calls. Freaking crazy.
  • Mia
    Well I am 12 years old and I think texting is part of my life. I have friends, a boyfriend, and parents to text to. I own a Rumor phone that has a full keyboard and use around 5,000 a month but seeing as it is December I will probably hit up in the 10,000 area. I know it is a lot but that is sent and received.
  • kylie
    i have an older phone thats just the 1&$% 2abc 3def 4hig txting so i dont have the full keyboard (yet) and i send about 5ooo or more a month
  • Kimmy
    That's it?! I sent 231,879 last month!!
    And, I now pay my own phone bill..My parents couldn't handle seeing those numbers every month..hahaha..
    A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right?
    P.S. That's on a freaking razor. hahaha.
  • Jayde
    i think i sent.......100,000 last month........
    yeah.. um im addicted(:
  • STevisQwerty8039
    Ha my dad freaked when he saw mt last months bill can u believe it my highest ever of course a whopping 100,902 sent and 100,789 recieved. beat that guys
  • Blackjack II
    ive got a Blackjack 2 (at&t's equivalent to the blackberry) and last month i tipped 21,000 txts :D go me! and im only 15 haha. thats an aproximate average of 700 a day (incoming and out)
  • addicted?
    okay, so i am 18 and i don't think im addicted. and neither does my girlfriend. but my mom seems to think i am.

    22,000 in/out? it seems like alot, but i don't feel like i'm texting 24/7. i do it to pass the time.
  • Brianna
    .....honestly.....im addicted to texting....

    I can easily send 400 a day....

    Last month I used 16,452 messages (incoming and outgoing)
    and this month I only used 11, 433. :)

    Without a keyboard. lol
  • patrick
    in about 4 months i have sent over 10000 messages so about, 2500 a month haha and i got a slide phone without a keyboard
  • vigu
    in india people used to send / recv messages around 300-500 per day. I'm not joking. Then the provider's limited the free text to 100/day. Everyone in india will finish their 100 sent messages. when i was in india i used to have 6k sent and 9k rcvd msg/month but now am in canada n i jus get 180 rcvd n 50 sent msgs :(
  • mariah
    i got 14,000 sent so far for this month. (new month starts spet 2) its aug 25.
  • Mimsy Wimsy
    I send out almost 5,000 a month...


    I even reached 10,000 a couple of months ago.

    I don't think I'm a text addict...no, that's crazy.
  • DavidC
    I cant understand how ppl can send so few txts. I avg about 3500 per month when i am busy (school, work, etc.) and i have yet to see how many for my first month of summer (so far i'm over 3000 and have 2 weeks to go)
  • AlexB
    oh wow... i text about 8000 messages a month. 200??? i would die ... texting is my life haha
  • Jeezum
    I guess my 15 YO takes the prize w/ a max of 22,000 per month. Yes, we took her phone away.
  • Katie.
    I've done 15,000 a month and I don't use email those 15,000 are all text messages
    One of my friends has done about 30,000
  • Lisa
    I use about 8,000 in half a month.
  • Anthony Papillion
    My entire family and business use BB and we kill text messaging. I do about 14,000 texts per month and close to 3,000 emails. And I have an older BB (7290). Can't wait to see what happens when I get the Curve next month.
  • Steve
    I average between 7,000-8,000 in/out a month on my Curve 8310. I hit over 12,000 in the month of May!
  • David
    I'm doing around 6k texts each month and about 400 or so emails.. i also notice each month the amount of texts i do goes up a few more hundred...
  • Dan
    We are all waaay to addicted to our BBs. Isn't it great! :-)

    I think smartphone users and teenagers skew the numbers in that NewsMax story though. Think about it, I know tons of people with basic cell phones that never text. It's rather annoying too when I send a text to them and they get confused. The person doing the math probably just took the number of text messages sent and divided by the number of phones rather than looking at the real math. Oh well, we will keep numbers up for them. :-)
  • addictedtoBB
    Monthly I'm at about 3K and that doesn't count the endless conversations on my messenger...I'd say they are about 4 times that!!! I am completely addicted! My boyfriend is ready to throw it off a bridge...he woke up and I was on it at 3AM and I thought he may kill me! :) Love my BB!!
  • Flarris.Bueller
    I figure the last printout I really looked into had about 1750/outs. So all total, guesstimate, and just going off that bill....
    Low : 3600 (in/out)
    High : 5200-5500 (in/out)
    Total. Damn, that's nyce !
  • DavidB
    Wow, u guys are SMS fanatics! I receive maybe 100 per month what with weather reports and baseball/football scores. I might send maybe 20?

    Being my whole extended family each has a Blackberry (and the grandparents don't do SMS) we all use the heck out of BBMessenger.
  • Sheena
    I send roughly 10 emails a day and about 20 texts a day. This translates into approximately 900 a month. If you count instant messages... Well then I just don't know. Its scary to think how dependant I've become on my blackberry.
  • Jake
    um... i average about 400 a day or so and ive used up to 12,000 in one month!
  • Lamar C.
    Blackberry 8703e
    My last bill 2891 incoming, and 2430 outgoing.
    So I'm doing about 5000 give/take a month
  • Blaine
    Since the 23 of last month I've used 2K. I average between 6 and 7K each month. Sometimes more, sometimes a few less. DOH!
  • Bradley
    I used to have a RAZR, I used between 200 and 500 messages a month, incoming and outgoing total.

    Two months ago I got my Curve. Uhm... last month I had around 16,000 text messages on my bill.

    AT&T counts incoming and outgoing texts though (which I've always thought was dumb). Also, Twitter can be to blame for much of the text message madness.
  • GS
    In the last 15 days (all my bberry goes back to), I've received 175 text messages. On average, I respond to virtually every one. So in month, I'd probably be around 700 text's sent. I do not use texts at all compared to my email, bberry messenger and gchats.... scary how they would translate into texts sent/received....
  • MC
    I'm at average 2000 a month
  • Clifford Villeda
    I easily go over 2500 text a month.
  • Clifford Villeda
    I go over 2500 text a month on my pearl.
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