New software tracks BlackBerry burglers


Now this is clever. PhoneBAK BB is an anti-theft app that will recognize when an unauthorized SIM card is in your device, and send an SMS or e-mail alert to you with all the perp’s info, including contact number, area code, cell ID, IMEI and IMSI numbers. If you’re in a company that swaps SIM cards around a lot, you can authorize up to 1,000 SIM cards per device as well as password protect the software from tampering. FindIt is offering something similar… the two combined would really cover all of your bases nicely.

(via Pinstack)

2 Responses to “New software tracks BlackBerry burglers”

  1. 1 Jason

    I wonder if this software is disabled if the device is wiped….

  2. 2 xinyi

    The alert will have been sent when the thief replaced it. Too late for that then. Better to have then not I guess.

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