Vlingo launches software for BlackBerry

You’ve seen some of their fine white label work with Yahoo!, but Vlingo’s going it alone with their new application which promises to control pretty much everything on your BlackBerry through voice. All BlackBerrys come built in with a voice dialling app, but Vlingo is going to do a lot more than just that… You’ll be able to text and e-mail by dictation, open applications like Calendar and Maps, search your address book, and make web searches using Vlingo. One very cool feature Vlingo’s packing is Note2Self, where you can pull the classic “Note to self: Pick up laundry. Groom cat. Begin plans for global domination”, which then get tacked onto your tasks, or sent to yourself as an e-mail or text. Super-awesome. I’m really excited about the possibility of third-party apps plugging into Vlingo, too. Tune in to our next podcast to get the full down-low on the new software.

Click this link to download Vlingo for free or head to m.vlingo.com on your BlackBerry.

7 Responses to “Vlingo launches software for BlackBerry”

  1. 1 Dan

    It seems that Vlingo is not ready for T-Mobile, yet.



  2. 2 Gregory Pittman