Review: SugarSync



SugarSync for BlackBerry


The key syncing feature is the Magic Briefcase, which is a folder that SugarSync drops into your My Documents directory. What makes this briefcase so pixie-dustingly magical is that any files uploaded to SugarSync from there will automatically be downloaded to the same directory on other computers. You can get the same function for your other synced folders by choosing a Full sync, as opposed to the Lite (which simply uploads your files, rather than pulling them down as well). The browser version gives you an easy-to-remember domain ( {user} ) to make for quick logins, and offers handy features like downloading zip versions of files, copying, pasting – all the functions you’d come to expect to have for your local files.

SugarSync for BlackBerrySharing photos is easy, embedded in BlackBerry menus, and available right from the desktop app and web interface. Just check what you want to send, and your recipients will get links to your albums. Mobile load times for images weren’t great for me, but I have the feeling that my BlackBerry 8100 is on its last legs. Full images from the gallery are a little hefty to download over EDGE, especially if you need get every single one between the beginning and the picture you’re looking for.