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Old Camera Ever feel like your BlackBerry’s camera is a bit dated when it still makes a shutter noise when you take a picture? BerryAnnoying just launched recently, so you can take your pictures without the annoying sound. Sure, RIM should have functions like that already built in, but plenty of software developers get by on that premise.

  • dave
    "Does not work on CDMA xx30 models. Tried it on my 8330 (Curve) and doesn't work. Yes this is very lame of RIM to exclude the feature to modify or mute the shutter. Leave it up to BES admins to allow the functionality of muting, as I can see the value from a security standpoint; give consumers what they want or they'll buy other devices.
  • Synik103
    Peeping Toms rejoice! It's there for a reason fellas! God help you if someone catches one of you pervs near a changing room.
  • dave
    Awesome. Bought it before I finished reading this post. Annoying BB shutter sound - virtually gone!

    Now, if only RIM would take a hint.
  • jc
    ^No they don't....
  • Gregory Pittman
    That's quite odd. I've used both a 8100 and a 8300 (both on the SunCom network) and they both had settings for turning off the camera sound. My wife now has a VZW 8130 and it, too, has a setting to mute the camera. No third party app necessary.
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