BlackBerry Javelin caught on video

Engadget just scored some screen time with the new BlackBerry Javelin, which, as you may know, will be something like the BlackBerry Bold with Wi-Fi and GPS, minus 3G. The BlackBerry Javelin will also be packing a slightly beefed camera, clocking in at 3.2 megapixels. Pictures surfaced yesterday, whetting our palette, and the full 360 view is more than welcome. Back at WES I had heard of a BlackBerry 9400 which was to be an upgraded Curve, and with the spaced-out keys, this looks like it. It’s also worth noting that there’s no externally-accessible microSD slot on the left side… Maybe back to the olden days of under-the-battery memory cards? Keep an eye out for this beaut in mid-09.

4 Responses to “BlackBerry Javelin caught on video”

  1. 1 Bla1ze

    Hmm..fix the video link Simon lol, it’s routing to the PC Mobilizr video :P

  2. 2 Ed

    Mid 09? Is that a typo?

  3. 3 BlackBerry Cool Simon

    No sir, Engadget was saying mid 2009. Considering it’s looking fairly solid right now, I would like to see it earlier, maybe Christmas or just after New Year.

  4. 4 James

    Everyone keeps saying mid-2009, but that seems impossibly far way off considering the polish on this device.

    Anyone know when mid-2009 business year is for RIM? Is it the end of calendar year 2008?

    I want this phone bad.

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