First Real BlackBerry Thunder Pic, Boy Genius Spot On

BG has done it again, leaking another exclusive picture of a nascent BlackBerry. This time, it’s the BlackBerry Thunder, which Boy Genius tells us is a dual mode (EV-DO Rev. C and GSM HSPA for international travel) touchscreen BlackBerry coming exclusively to Verizon Q3 of this year. Although it’s a mock-up, BG wouldn’t post it unless it was legit. Also, surprise surpise, it looks exactly like the one BG furnished when he originally broke the story during WES — it’s almost like he knew.

Post a comment and tell us what you think of the words touchscreen and BlackBerry being wrapped together in one nice, neat little package.

(via BoyGenius Report)

5 Responses to “First Real BlackBerry Thunder Pic, Boy Genius Spot On”

  1. 1 Song

    I’d make good use of it for sure, but what i’m worrying about is not the look of thunder, but the conveniency of controling and typing.

  2. 2 lovebb

    Now if the screen slides up exposing the famous BB keyboard this would be a real winner

  3. 3 Alex S.

    I think its a major step forward for Blackberrys. Ive had a BB since my highschool days. As long as theres a slide out keypad its good to go.

  4. 4 William Stewart

    I’m very nervous about BlackBerry going touchscreen.

    The keyboard is what makes the Blackberry so good. I’m saying that as someone who uses the Pearl, not the full size keyboard (which I happen to think is better - another story).

    The touchscreen will be just one model, to appeal to those who like that sort of thing - the old keyboard BB won’t go away any time soon, it’s just too good.

  5. 5 alex

    It comes with a 2.5 display. Not large enough screen for a full touchscreen phone. Typing text messages would definitely be an effort with this phone. Unless of course it would have a slide out qwerty keyboard, but I doubt it. Good luck.

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