Free IM client launches for BlackBerry

If you’re looking tempted by Mundu, but remain a penny-pincher, Instango just launched, offering free support across multiple instant messaging systems, like GTalk, ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, QQ, Gadu-Gadu and Jabber. Instango also features SMS, mail and RSS access, file and picture sending, as well as a push-to-talk system. Sounds like it’s worth a shot if you’re still shopping around for that one client to handle all your chatting needs.

12 Responses to “Free IM client launches for BlackBerry”

  1. 1 Jon

    Has anyone tried this yet? Is it possible to use just the IM features and none of the others? Does this use the data network like Jivetalk?

  2. 2 Andy

    I think so. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m about to. I was reading here where it indicates that you would have to send the text message from the instango program. As long as you send your text messages through your traditional texting/emailing options, you shouldn’t expect any additional charges.

  3. 3 Jon

    Thanks. I just need the IM feature, but didn’t want to sign up if it didn’t work.

  4. 4 Jon

    Created an account but it gave me errors when adding accounts. Support forums has not been great and no way to delete account manually. Just emailed them to ask how. Let’s see how long it takes.

  5. 5 Alejandro

    Hi eveyone can I use this application in Ecuador , by the way I couldn’t install the application

  6. 6 Quan

    Well its definately not better than jivetalk, but its close enough, and damn well good for free

    the only thing i have a problem with from this thing is not being able to have custom buddy icons

  7. 7 JJ

    not working on BB 8300 os :´(


  8. 8 Arron

    This program has two major problems:

    1. It kills the battery life of my 8310.

    2. This program opens every time I try to record a video or download a video off the web. It is very weird. I have to click “OK” in the program in order to accept video downloads and recordings. WTF does instango have to do with videos?

  9. 9 maseone


    i have an idea - how about an all encompassing im product that doesn’t route all my conversations through some guy’s central server.

    it’s bad enough google, microsoft, yahoo, et al has every one of my coversations since the beginning of time.


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