New BlackBerry ‘U’ Theme: the evolution of the ‘Zen’ theme

If you’re like me, you hate having your BlackBerry cluttered with icons — you know which ones you use regularly, and you want quick access to them. As such, you probably used a Zen them before eventually moving to the Zen ‘L’ BlackBerry theme. Get ready for the next step: the Zen ‘U’ theme.

The wonderful chaps at BerryReview have discovered a 15 icon Zen theme for the 83xx and 88xx series BlackBerrys on the BlueRoomSolution forums. I always wondered why such a theme hadn’t been offered right out of the box with my BlackBerry (I mean, doesn’t ‘U’ follow ‘L’ in the alphabet?), but now it doesn’t matter.

Two minor caveats: the theme sometimes glitches out on BlackBerrys running OS 4.5 beta, refusing to display some of the icons. Also, at this point it seems as though the 16 home screen icons are pre-arranged, preventing you from changing them. But still… 15 icons!!

You can download the ‘U’ them OTA here.

(via BerryReview)

BlackBerry Zen U Theme

4 Responses to “New BlackBerry ‘U’ Theme: the evolution of the ‘Zen’ theme”

  1. 1 Lewis

    I really can’t see why anybody would want to use anything other than BB Dimension… :)

    It comes pre-installed on all handsets, you hide the icons you don’t use, re-arrange them all to suit you, and you don’t waste a ton of space on your screen (to look at a background…?). Plus, you don’t have to click an extra button when you’re trying to see them all like you do with Zen.

    The zen theme is the most annoying thing ever!

    Really… who sits and stares at their blackberry background anyway?!

  2. 2 SLVR6

    Funny you ask, many of us change our backgrounds all the time. Keeps things interesting. Let me guess, you also don’t have any third party apps because that takes up space and wastes time?

  3. 3 Chris

    I find that the Zen is the perfect theme to compliment the personal (non-business) nature of the way I use my Sprint 8830. I don’t care for the Today theme as I do not utilize my Calendar, Notes, or Tasks in abundance, and the Dimension theme seems fine for basic use in a corporate sense but is just too busy for my tastes (just my opinion).

    I find that with my 3rd party apps placed in the second page of the Zen theme and the primary apps I use daily on the primary page I can be as productive and quick in accessing any app as somebody using just the Dimension theme. Perhaps this is just a user’s personal preference issue, similar to politics or religion. Hmm, how odd that personal preference is also the primary reason most of us chose a BlackBerry over a Treo or any other device, lol. It is strange one would expect that somebody else’s preference to be unimportant compared to your own.

    I may not utilize the L or the new U themes, but I will try them and see if I can either get used to them or modify them as I see fit. I also commend the people that write the apps and themes as they give me something new to play with in my free time. Hopefully somebody soon will give us a Linux friendly Desktop Manager that is easy to use like the version of 4.3 that came with the ATT Curve, LOL (unlikely, but I can wish).

    And, yes Lewis, I do change my background nearly daily as I enjoy the ability to make my BlackBerry unique in order to fit the situation at hand or my mood at the time. It may indeed be silly, but the ability to clearly view and change the background is an oddly soothing feature that I rather enjoy.

  4. 4 diego

    please give me a zip file o alx for my 8300 i’m havent internet please

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