Vodafone BlackBerry Bold gets tangible release date

There’s been a lot of talk up this point about release dates, but Ronen scored a screenshot from Vodafone that’s pointing to a July 30th. release date. Of course now that we’ve had a few peeks at the BlackBerry Javelin, customers will have a tough decision to make - Bold now or Javelin later? The impression I got at WES was that the Bold would be a simultaneous worldwide release, so we can expect other release dates within this neighbourhood. In any case, the leak came from the UK, so any Brits in the house can start counting their pounds and pence.

(via BerryReview)

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  1. 1 Trevor

    Simon, I actually believe the purpose behind the Javelin is to replace the 8300 Series Blackberries down the line more then likely. Still will have to wait and see what 3G brings us.


  2. 2 Thomas

    Actually Simon, not to doubt this screenshot but I called my Vodafone business team and they said that their internal systems are currently showing the bold as available from the 4th July…

  3. 3 BlackBerry Cool Simon

    T1: No doubt the Javelin is geared towards the Curve crowd, but there is a ton of overlap in target markets between BlackBerrys. Curves are really popular in enterprise, where the Bold is ostensibly steering, so I could see more than a few suits packing a Javelin.

    T2: There has been a lot of variance in release dates… I’ve heard rumours going as late as September. The earlier the better, as far as I’m concerned. :)

  4. 4 Ronen

    I actually heard similar info from Vodaphone internals but nothing confirmed. It turns out that Business and VIP customers get the devices 2-3 weeks before the general public. They are the same that got the 8300’s preproduction with the screen dust issues.
    As I said a rumor is a rumor…
    All I can confirm is that above is a screenshot from Vodaphones Intranet system

  5. 5 stern

    I wouldn’t take Vodafone CTI as gospel. It’s a good indication. But they don’t rush to update it when the date changes because of delays or anything else.

    They will start shipping to stores and partners before then anyway.

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