Weekly Contest: “Which BlackBerry will you choose?”

Choices, choices: so many choices for BlackBerry lovers to make this year. Do you choose the high-end 3G BlackBerry Bold that will be here in mid-July, or wait for a smaller, sleaker, 3G-less BlackBerry Javelin (aka, the BlackBerry Curve successor with better battery life than the Bold)? For our CDMA carrier subscribers out there, does the thought of the touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder give you shivers of excitement, or are you holding out hope that the Bold-clone BlackBerry Niagara is worth the May ‘09 wait? Are you planning on picking up a BlackBerry KickStart for the kids?

Post a comment and let us know which BlackBerry you’ve set your heart on. Hell, considering the response to last week’s Weekly Contest, you can even let us know if you’re leaving the BlackBerry Nation altogether for an iPhone 3G. The person with the best comment will win a nifty BLACKBERRY COOL TEE SHIRT and a free copy of MAGMIC’S TEXAS HOLD’EM KING 3: CONNECTED.

LAST WEEK’S WINNER IS Bla1ze, who gave a succinct breakdown of what RIM needs to do:

RIM needs to make and official announcement of the Thunder, they also need to work with Canadian carriers in order to bring unlimited data prices down to be at least on par with US prices of plans, at this point they should also be making an official price point announcement of the Bold that should be on par with the iPhone (not holding my breath), RIM has spent that past few months gaining speed in the consumer market and this will cease with the availability of the 3G iPhone in so many places and the pricepoint that it brings with it. RIM has to comeback with something (though I doubt they will). Either way, i’ll be getting a Bold, iPhone and BlackBerry are on 2 different levels but tell that too the 18-25 yr old with $200+ in his pockets to blow.

Our PREVIOUS WEEKLY CONTEST WINNER IS Song, who actually has a practical usage case for 3G:

More faster and easier solutions for emailing, web browsing and multimedia (just to name a few) may come with a 3G handheld in hand. Personally I use Pcmobilizr a lot to remote monitor and control my PC, it is a magic application but never comes in handy (at least not on EDGE network). I always get a laggy respond while using it my Curve 8310 — too small screen resolution (320*240) to fully browse my 1920*1280 desktop, and too slow motion to wirelessly control my PC. hmmm, yes my thumbnails really hurt. I believe a 3G Bold or a Thunderstorm will end my pain experience on that.

Not initial but very essential, a high resolution and 3G Bold or Thunderstorm will no doubt let GPS real-time traffic reminding, geo-tracking and navigation faster
and much useful, even the map data load speed will boost like hell!

Yeah, I just can’t wait to say hello to my little new friend Bold ft. 3G!

Enjoy your tee shirts and games!!

24 Responses to “Weekly Contest: “Which BlackBerry will you choose?””

  1. 1 Seth

    Bold for me, kickstart for the lady

  2. 2 Thomas M

    Blackberry Bold it is!

  3. 3 Paul

    Are any of these models CDMA?

  4. 4 tiff

    I can’t wait for the blackberry thunder!!!

  5. 5 John

    Although I am a (self-appointed) gadget guru and former cell phone dealer with a serious case of cell phone ADD, the Blackberry line had not caught my attention until the Bold was announced. The reason I never noticed Blackberry was I had no need or desire for what I considered to be an enterprise/email-oriented phone. After getting over the lust-at-first-sight that immediately developed when I saw the Bold’s photos, I started digging into its specifications. My previous lust was the 3G Iphone, so I compared them side by side. I was shocked at the basic features that were left out of the new Iphone (voice dial, cut and paste, video recording, non-user-replaceable battery, etc.), all of which the Bold has. Combining that with my preference for a ~real~ QWERTY keyboard resulted in me cheating on my first love and beginning a one-way affair with the Bold (one-way until it’s released). Then, when I turn on my phone, it will return the favor. Although many still consider the Blackberry line to be a mostly-business set of devices, I found that the feature set of the Bold could meet my need for my next major gadget fix. Seems Apple wants in on the Exchange bandwagon and Blackberry wants in on the consumer bandwagon. Oh, did I mention that I have chosen the Bold? Cheers!

  6. 6 Bla1ze

    Pfft!! I won’t limit myself to one BB device lol, my addiction spans too far for that, Bold will be first since it will hit first, Javelin will be next (probably gonna have to get that one unlocked as it’s rumored to be a T-Mobile device) and I’m a Rogers customer..Thunder…well..honestly that’s a try-before-I-buy device as I despise touchscreens and A kickstart, just to have a flip BBB :P

  7. 7 Murphy the Dog

    I’m on the fence but leaning towards the Thunder. I think I prefer the bigger screen over real keyboard. I have a problem with small keyboards anyway you look at it. Spell Check is my friend. Will be adding what ever Micro SD card it will allow. I haven’t been this excited since the time I forgot how to sit down. I hope its not as disappointing as that Aaron Neville Bullhorn that I bought at that garage sale.

  8. 8 Thomas Einwaller

    I am desperately waiting for my Bold - I am no fan of flip phones and sure type. Until now I can not imagine that I am able to type as fast on a touchscreen as on a full keyboard - lets see how the thunder will perform …

  9. 9 Jaybabe

    Well, I have seen, touched, and worked with the Bold. It is a sweet device. Very light, very mobile, very in my pocket when it comes out. But, I have to say that the Thunder is also pretty nice. I haven’t seen a live one yet, but I would love to be the hand-me-down person!! The kickstart would be perfect for my teenage daughter because she has just worn out the keypad on her phone. My husband has two 8800’s (he is more of a geek than I am) and wants the Bold. So, all in all Thunder first and then Bold! Hook me up!! :)

  10. 10 bertiebassett


    The screen is just so totally awesome, plus as it’s 3g you can then drop the sepaarate monthly fee for the usb modem and just use the bold as the modem..

    thats got to rock!

  11. 11 Keith

    The Javelin, hands down. I’ve been in a long-relationship with my 8700 and I didn’t get the Curve because I just wasn’t sold. I’m sold on the Javelin.

  12. 12 JungleJim

    Uhhhhhhh, welllllll, hmmmmmmmmm, I uhhhhhhh, guess I want the one I bought this afternoon, before I came across this article on-line. That would be the BlackBerry Curve 8310. Ooops! Seriously, though, this is my first BlackBerry, so don’t get on my case.

  13. 13 Ian Collins

    I will go with whatever T-Mobile will carry. T-Mobile has the best Data plan in the US. If I could find an unlocked bold I would probobly go for that. I would not go with iphone, unless they would incorporate BlackBerry Push.

  14. 14 Kyle S.

    I actually consider this question to be one of the most interesting for me, given the type of user that I am. A pearl user. I used to have a Blackberry 7100t from T-Mobile, and besides the fact that it was the very first of the current-gen Blackberries to come out (Meaning the Pearl, the 8800 and the Curve), it was an easy choice to get a better version of the same experience in a Pearl. However, using the type of keyboard as a mark of how the series is moving along (QUERTY vs Suretype), Suretype keyboards will be moving to the =Kickstart without me as I get a Bold by years’ end. The other factor in my decision is the fact that I am loosely experienced with flip phone Blackberries. A couple of years ago, I tested out the Samsung SGH-t719 which is a flip-phone with a close-to-suretype keyboard that uses Blackberry Connect to get E-mail. In a way, it was marketed as a flip-phone Blackberry. I didn’t exactly hate the phone, and I know that the features have certainly come a long way since it’s release, but I didn’t like it as much as I like candy-bar types like the 7100 and Pearl. I have never used a flip phone that felt as sturdy as a Blackberry does and I believe that is a big concern among many power users. I believe that the Bold will bring in a new generation of Blackberry devices and I will be proud to get one once they come to my carrier.

  15. 15 blee

    I want a Javelin with 3G

  16. 16 Matt

    Its all about the bold for me.

    My first blackberry was the 7290, the 8700g was an amazing ‘have to have’ upgrade, my contract is nearing its end, and I’ll be eligible for an upgrade.

    I had settled on the 8820, but when the bold was announced I went over and harrassed my connection at tmo to see when they were going to get it.

    I can’t wait. Its going to be awesome!!!

  17. 17 DavidB

    My next Blackberry has yet to be revealed to even Boy Genius himself.

    Full QWERTY (ala 83xx or 87xx, not 88xx), hi res screen (aka Bold), external access to media card, at LEAST 1GB of RAM available for os/apps, LTE (or at least 3G/EVDO Rev A+), 2000 mAH battery, a speakerphone I can HEAR, don’t care about touch screen, and NO CAMERA.

  18. 18 Roger

    Wow…a great question that I am currently racking my brain over.

    I have always had CDMA Blackberries - 7750, 7250, and now my current 8703e. I have always stood by and watched the GSM carriers get the goods before us CDMA guys, and I may very well be fed up.

    I recently was very excited to finally see the CDMA Curve released, and I have been waiting for what seems like forever for this beauty, only to balk at Bell’s horrible choice of Silver for the launch color. Knowing that there is a beautiful Black/Charcoal model out there (Sprint’s), and that Bell is supposed to receive it at a later date, I again am forced to wait…

    Now with the annoucement of the Bold, I have a dilemma…do I get the CDMA Curve, only to have to watch as the GSM world gets the Bold and everything that comes along with it (BIS 2.5, iTunes support, etc.), or do I finally break my ties, and switch over to GSM (Rogers), so that I can finally be with the rest of the world who can get their new Blackberries immediately, without having to wait 9-12 months for it’s repsective CDMA model to come out…

    I absolutely want a full Qwerty keyboard, so the touchscreen model is out of the question, and I balked at the 8830 because of the fact that all the keys are touching, so the Curve was my first choice. Now I hear that the Bold’s keyboard is great, and now pictures of the Niagara with it’s Curve-style separated keyboard…I don’t know what to do!!!

  19. 19 wifiguy

    Bold is where it is. I’m hearing the Javelin will not be a 3g device, why would anyone want that device?

  20. 20 MB

    I use my BlackBerry for work purposes, and it is for that reason that I will go Bold this summer. The value of the BlackBerry is derived from its ability to afford on-the-go communication, and augment productivity. Buying the Bold, which arrives first, is therefore the best way to optimize the BlackBerry’s main selling point: efficiency. Simply put, I will be able to do what I do better, sooner. It is also for this reason that I prefer the Bold to the Javelin or Thunder on paper. The absence of 3G is a serious hit to the Javelin’s capabilities and strengths. Furthermore, it is hard to see the Thunder as providing a superior professional experience to the Bold, or even the Javelin. Bigger screens are nice, but it’s not what I need. My BlackBerry is a tool. And I am going to get the best one on the market. Bold.

  21. 21 Julian

    Bold AND Thunder for me thanks. Boys and their toys, right?

  22. 22 Phil

    I want the bold. I’m all for the touchscreen idea, but without a physical keyboard too there is no way.

  23. 23 FuturDreamz

    I think the Bold CDMA due to TELUS having an $45 unlimited web emil IM SMS eta, preferably the 9330 due to it being cheaper but I’m not sure if I want to wait two years or so… Possibly even the Thunder but I am hesitant on how the UI will function (but if it is 4.6 like the Bold as rumoured then I assume it will act as the bold screen but with more estate until input is required), so right now it is wait and see.

  24. 24 Dan Evans

    First of the rank will be the Bold. I’m keen to test the HSDPA functionality on the Telstra Next G network in Australia. Being the BlackBerry Systems Administrator for a Gov’t department has it’s perks as I get to play with all models that we purchase from the carrier prior to making them available to our customers. I know the Bold is going to be a highly requested item, so I’ll need to make sure I am familiar with it’s features so I can support the device.

    I’m also looking forward to trying out it’s much talked about media capabilities. Hopefully it won’t disappoint.

    I get excited by any new model release and am keen to get my hands on them all!

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