iDEN BlackBerry gets ID’d

BlackBerry 7100iRemember those rumours of an iDEN BlackBerry on Sprint? Well, they haven’t died. Due out late this year, the BlackBerry 8350 will be touting WiFi (b/g) and OS 4.6.1. For those who weren’t around for it, iDEN was an old network standard that did some good stuff with push-to-talk, but was largely replaced by the GSM standard. iDEN’s been slowly dying out since, but clearly there’s still some interest in push-to-talk on BlackBerry… Anyone out there still use it?

(via BlackBerry News)

Posted by Simon Sage in News, Rumors

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Clifford Villeda
July 2nd, 2008 at 11:30 am

I noticed one of our vendors sales rep uses one. I didnt know it was a blackberry until he told me he will get my emails on his blackberry LoL

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