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Any stock-slingers in the house might want to take a look at E*TRADE Mobile Pro for BlackBerry, which offers streaming quotes, live trading, and cash transfers all from your handheld. After checking out the demo, the software covers all the bases… You can set up watch lists, organize your portfolio, set up alerts, as well as keep an eye on the news from your favourite stocks. Looks like a solid package, and for free, it’s hard to go wrong. Head on over to etrade.com/mobile on your BlackBerry to try it out.

(via Rimarkable)

  • jason
    this app sucks. no tsx! going to delete the shit off my bb right now.
  • disgruntled youth
    What the fuck... Rim's cdn. Etrade cda is cdn.

    Mobile ro will never come here. This makes no sense. Both the companies lose out on revenue.

    And why all the ads on etrade.ca a half year ago.

    Etrade's mobile site is crap.
  • Marty
    not avail in canada. FACK

    gonna go delete it from the BB now
  • Fred
    Without warning e-trade Canada is not going to be offering this service. They did not warn customers of this change of service (after advertising the service on their web site) and did not tell customers until you specifically ask (when the service doesn't work). It is too bad for those of us who just purchased new BlackBerry's.
  • gs
    Any idea if they plan on rolling this out for ETrade Canada accounts? I downloaded the application, and it's great, but it doesn't seem to allow me to log in to my accounts, so I assume it's US only for now.
  • Vygantas
    Looks cool, will try it
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