Future Shop launches BlackBerry app

Future Shop launched an application today that not only lets you browse FutureShop.ca’s catalog, but also nabs your credit card info through the BlackBerry Wallet app for online purchaces. Odds are if own a BlackBerry on your own accord, you’re probably the type to spend a fair bit of time checking out Future Shop, too - it’s just a bonus to have all the convenience of online gadget shopping on your handheld. It’s really cool to see more vendors plugging into the Wallet application, something Bplay kicked off with their 30%-off 4th. of July sale… I wonder how many more will hop on the bandwagon?

4 Responses to “Future Shop launches BlackBerry app”

  1. 1 Atom

    Can’t get this too work. I get a connection refused error. Anyone else?

  2. 2 ian knight

    Make sure you have javascript enabled, and your default browser is set to ‘internet browser’. Should be fine then.

  3. 3 Mike

    I get connection refused too…