BlackBerry Thunder media player shots surface

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We might have caught a glimpse at the BlackBerry Thunder, but we’ve got a bit more eye candy, and is it looking slick, or what? The shots look like they came from a document detailing some of the OS 4.7 multimedia functions of the unreleased touchscreen BlackBerry due out sometime before Christmas for CDMA carriers. The BlackBerry Thunder will apparently be packing a glass 360 x 480 screen, which seems like more than enough for full videos. The media player will also feature carrier music stores, which would be a great way to grab tunes wirelessly to your device. When recording video, you’ll be able to preview the whole thing in landscape mode, too. Not too shabby at all.

The touchscreen has been a point of contention, both among handheld users as well as RIM’s execs, but one way or the other, there’s a market for touch devices, and with the BlackBerry Thunder, RIM is clearly on board. Between the flip BlackBerry Kickstart, the Curve-style BlackBerry Javelin, the upcoming Bold, and now the BlackBerry Thunder, it’s clear that there’s a wide array of tastes BlackBerrys can reach out to. So, who’s salivating?

(via BlackBerrySync)

BlackBerry Thunder

  • Mark2Matrix
    Saw these pics and the internal Verizon PPT earlier. As a Blackberry bigot - I will leave ATT & pay the penalty to get one of these! If the performance is as good as indicated in the review specs, this is one beautiful device. The Bold can boldly go wherever it wants to but I want to hear Thunder! Blackberry may have just outdone itself! And the landscape keyboard really makes thumb typing possible with the additional real estate - lacking on the iPhone! Go BB and get me to Verizon on time!!!!!!!!!
  • DavidB
    Simon, I thought Vodafone used GSM over in Europe, and has no North America presence (other than their stake in Verizon Wireless)? Also I seem to distinctly remember reading somewhere (BGR?) that Thunder would be initially exclusive to Verizon Wireless, BUT if VZW missed some unit sales target over the first couple months of availability Thunder would then become available to other CDMA carriers...??? Of course, can you imagine VZW not buying up any devices not sold in order to KEEP exclusivity?
    There are few things that seem directly influenced by the iPhone - the grey search box at the top and the use of Apple’s trademarked Shuffle logo, for example, both seem a bit awkward.
  • Good point Nan - BGR said it'll be available to Verizon and Vodafone for a lifetime exclusive.
  • DavidB
    Anybody else think it's gonna be just WEIRD using the right convenience key to "take a picture" (according to BGR's "glimpse") when the phone is in landscape mode (right button is on top then)???
  • LouTreize
    Oh man! The horny maker is it out ladies and gentlemen!

    I'm definitely drooling for this one...
  • nan
    Hey Simon, the post mentions "CDMA Carriers" instead of Verizon. Is it no longer scheduled to be a Verizon exclusive device or am I reading into it?
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