Picasa for BlackBerry scrapped?

Picasa, Google’s picture-organizing and sharing service, was looking to get all cozy-like with BlackBerry back around CES, but has apparently been killed off since. How come? Well, I’ve got a few theories. You might notice that BlackBerry’s Facebook page recently started showing off Flickr for BlackBerry rather prominently. Although RIM’s managed to make nice with the multitude of competing instant messaging services like Yahoo!, Windows Messenger Live, and Google Talk, maybe things won’t be quite as friendly with picture sharing. A more optimistic theory that pops to mind involves the BlackBerry Bold’s picture geotagging feature. I would love to see that fit right into Google’s Panoramio, which would quickly trump Picasa. Where do you guys think the future of picture sharing on BlackBerry is going to lie?

(via BerryReview)

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July 10th, 2008 at 3:41 pm

Disappointing. I asked them about this at WES and they had no answer. I use Picasa as my primary photo sharing app since it’s easy to export from Lightroom right out to Picasa. Flickr is ok, but I would prefer not to use it. However, as soon as the Flickr app came out on BlackBerry I setup an account and it really helps keep your Curve from running out of memory on long trips. Upload it, share it, delete it.

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