The Smartphone Challenge FAQ (audio included!)



What are common sticking points or fears that most companies have? I would think that at most companies, anyone over the age of 30 might not be that exposed to cell phone culture, so integrating a smartphone into their business life must seem like a whole new world.

This is a great question. I would say, so far, the biggest objection would be the transfer from their existing email hosting company to Rackspace – nobody wants to actually deal with doing that. With that said, we have taken the Rackspace solution one step forward, and have actually done the entire migration for the last several companies. They love us for it, and Rackspace does too because they are dealing with people who have actually done this once or twice. Now, with that being said, this is only for the small businesses that do not have an IT Department nor the time to actually do the migration. As for the our more mature clients, we actually find them easier to work with because they want to learn and be able to send an email to their clients from their phone or text their granddaughter. They typically have never had access to these types of tools and have really embraced the technology.

Smartphone Cool

You’ve mentioned that you specifically target the apps loaded on the smartphone to the company taking the challenge. Can you give us some examples of the range of applications you use?

Well, that is another good question. We have pretty much preloaded anything and everything, however, we really try to stay true to our partners. Some apps include TeleNav, Viigo, SalesNow, Documents To Go and Facebook. We will also preload free apps like Google Maps, Vlingo, TellMe, Opera Mini and a few others.