The Smartphone Challenge FAQ (audio included!)



Are there any applications that everyone loves? I notice that you’ve partnered with Viigo…

Viigo and TeleNav are the big ones, however, I am blown away by the number of people that want Facebook loaded onto their handsets. I am fairly new to Facebook myself but find myself using my app on my BB more and more each day.

Smartphone Challenge

We also noticed your Rackspace partnership. How important is that for the challenge? Are they bringing interested companies to you/or vice versa?

Rackspace is the glue that makes this Smartphone Challenge work. We honestly couldn’t do this without Rackspace and the fanatical support that they bring to the table. They give us a footprint that we’d otherwise not be able to adequately support. Although they are not technically supposed to bring customers to the table just yet (public auctioned IPO and they are being very tight-lipped about everything), I can tell you that every day I get a phone call from an existing Rackspace customer that is interested in trying the Challenge or perhaps not necessarily interested in the challenge, but interested in some of our other services such as bill auditing, account consolidation, upgrades, new adds, etc. They truly have been a fantastic partner to work with. We have a wonderful relationship and I don’t plan on screwing that up!