The Smartphone Challenge FAQ (audio included!)



So far you’ve had a 100% success rate, which is incredible. Do you have any stories of companies/employees who just weren’t getting it or needed some extra assistance?

Thus far, we have indeed realized a 100% success rate. Every customer that has taken the challenge has gone through with purchasing the BlackBerry devices and the Rackspace service. Hell, most of them have even switched over to Sprint. As for not getting it, we really haven’t had that problem only because we do offer pretty comprehensive training at the time of launch, so that by the following Monday they are already “crack heads”. As for extra assistance … man, you can say that again! But that is what really separates us from everyone else in this business. I can say that I personally logged about 30+ hours into our last challenge to help with the migration issues. It was an absolute nightmare! This guy had three different web-based email accounts that he was running his law firm off of. Didn’t even know how to use Outlook. Had over 100 folders that he had created in his Yahoo! web mail account that had to be manually entered into his Outlook. Why would I do all this for this company? The answer is simple. He actually sits on the Board of Directors of the local chamber here and has told dozens of people about the incredible service he has received. Would I have done it had he not been in that position? Of course! I know that the work we do now will ultimately decide the type of company that we are going to be and I want to make sure that everyone in our organization knows that customer service is first and foremost our number one priority.

Smartphone Challenge

Your operation is based in Texas. How far are you willing to go for an interested company (for any of our readers out there)

Right now, Texas, but who knows a couple of months from now… If the opportunity is right, I would go anywhere today. It almost has to be looked at on a case by case basis. Based on our initial findings, I hope to be doing this nationally soon. I think it is going to be more involved with the different carriers that it is now, but ultimately they have the resources to quickly take this to another level.