BlackBerry Thunder touchscreen input pictures emerge

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Proving that bloggers aren’t willing to take the weekend off, CrackBerry has produced two new screenshots of the BlackBerry Thunder (or possibly the BlackBerry Storm). If the images tell us one thing, it’s that RIM is dedicating a lot of the Thunder’s screen real estate for text input, likely in an effort to assuage fears of the ‘keypad or nothing’ crowd. Here’s a recap of what’s known about the BlackBerry Thunder’s touchscreen:

Haptic Response - Featuring haptic feedback, the Thunder’s screen pushes in and creates an audible clickety sound and vibration upon input.

Full QWERTY and SureType Entry - As the images show, full QWERTY in landscape mode and SureType entry in portrait mode. Screen/keyboard orientation can be changed at any time.

Multi-touch Glass Screen - Similar to the iPhone, the BlackBerry Thunder will utilize WebKit for it’s browser engine and a glass screen.

OS 4.7 - A little one-upmanship to the BlackBerry Bold’s OS 4.6, likely for the inclusion of touchscreen support.

(via CrackBerry)

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  • jmoney-honey
    DoEs AnYoNe KnOw If ThIs PhOnE wIlL bE rElEaSeD tO At&T?????????????
  • ivan
    .. (opinion) one day we will have a huge evolution on comunication., and the time for that evolution is this era this time so one way or another cell phones will have touch screens like in fiction movies. (who remembers those movies like batman and robin tv series, batman had a huge cell phone it looked shoe box). well, i think its not that they are trying to copy the iphone they are trying to improve the functionality. X)

    wait for house phones that have touch screens or some type of screen projector or something
  • Nowfal
    I have been a bb user for a long time now. One thing for sure is however many apps are released and however many functionalities are released by RIM, unless they increase the memory on the BB's or allow for applications to be installed on the expansion memory, there is now way to compete.

    It is so frustrating sometimes, with all the apps out there, you are so handicapped or restricted to install just a few of them, or else you will always end up seeing, 0 BYTES free.

    What do others have to say about this?
  • Lewis
    I'm still not convinced that there will be audible and tactile clickyness...
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