BlackBerry Thunder due mid-October?

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BlackBerry Thunder

The latest rumours of a BlackBerry Thunder release date are pointing to mid-October on Verizon, no doubt to the fanfare of many. Both the iPhone 3G and HTC Touch Diamond have been setting a high bar for touchscreen devices, and no doubt RIM wants the BlackBerry Thunder out there ASAP so competitors don’t get too much of a head start. The Thunder is supposedly taking precedent over final touches on the BlackBerry Bold, now due out in September due to extraneous software tweaking. The little slip-up yesterday certainly whet our palette for the touchscreen BlackBerry, but that’s some bum news about the Bold. Hopefully the Canadian release is unaffected…

(via BGR)

  • Cheree
    So is the BlackBerry Thunder the same thing as the BlackBerry Storm
  • DavidB
    I just don't understand WHY RIM isn't hyping this device more. Not even a WHISPER of it in any formal information from RIM. Are they COMPLETE MARKETING IDIOTS or what?
  • addictedtoBB
    I can't wait to get my new Thunder!! I will be waiting in line for that release!
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