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If you ever find that you’re charging your BlackBerry nowhere near a convenient surface, Driin has come up with a pretty cool and simple solution. It’s a simple plastic holder that loops onto your BlackBerry charger on the wall, and provides a spot for your BlackBerry to sit - that means no more leaving your device sprawled on the floor like so much unwashed laundry. €5.00 ($US 8.00) isn’t a crazy pricetag, either.

(via WindowsMobile Cool)

  • Andrew
    I ordered one from Driin and they ship via regular post from the Netherlands - it totaled €11,50 EUR which isn't too outrageous (I never thought of looking on Amazon d'oh) If it works I will get one for everyone in the house.

    Thank you for your order!

    We are sending your order today via regular postal service from the Netherlands. It normally takes 7-10 days to reach most locations. Having said that, it can take much longer to reach you depending upon the time of year and which country you live in.

    If you don’t mind us asking, how did you hear about the Driinn™ – mobile phone holder? We are always curious.

  • Russ
    Ryan, thanks for the info on where to get them online. I checked it out and the shipping cost was twice the amount of the product (2 products from Amazon). I think I'll keep using the kitchen counter.
  • Ryan
    You can find them on Amazon for $6.99 US and Target.com 2x for $12
  • Russ
    Great little gadget but I don't think it's available in Canada (can't seem to ship from the US either).
  • Andrew
    Brilliant! and ordered.
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