Bell rolling out new colours for BlackBerry Curve and Pearl

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I’m pretty sure this is the first BlackBerry 8330 we’ve seen in red, and it’s due to hit Bell on August 8th alongside a white and titanium BlackBerry 8130. Fresh paint jobs seem like sloppy seconds when compared to the BlackBerry Bold and eventually the BlackBerry Kickstart coming out on GSM carriers in the near future, but if Bell actually makes the GSM switch, maybe they won’t have to settle for less. Still, new paint jobs are always cool, and it’s hard to argue with that colour on the Curve. Keep an eye on the Bell online store for the fresh offers… Right now the Pearl is going for free on a three year contract, and the Curve is $149.95.

(via MobileInCanada)

  • Creeoneill

    I really like the redish cherry colour Blackberry Curve, Its so cool. Own of my friends has got own & she says its really good & easy to type. :)

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