BlackBerry Cool Podcast: TeleNav Track

TeleNav, most prominently known for their navigation services, have branched into commercial GPS tracking to help enterprises keep tabs on assets, remote workers and vehicles. Their experience with the consumer market has certainly helped them with their latest TeleNav Track product, but have met plenty of new challenges here. We take some time with Sal Dhanani from TeleNav to talk shop about GPS and enterprise.

“TeleNav Track, as the name suggests, is a tool that’s used by organisations that have folks in the field that are doing things like repairing equipment or making deliveries. It’s a tool that helps you better manage your field team, your field assests, and helps you gain more productivity out of that team and assets. There are basically four key capabilities… one has to do with GPS reporting. We’ll tell you where all your field workers are, what job they’re performing, and you can get a visual on a map to see exactly what they’re doing. Number two is around dispatching. You can dispatch a job to them, get the status of the job (when they started it, how long is it taking), so you can track the time. Number three is wireless forms if they have any paperwork that they need to complete out in the field. Instead of putting it on paper, they can just collect all of that information right on their BlackBerry. We even have barcode scanners that you can connect via Bluetooth. Number four is navigation, which is our forte, where we provide turn by turn directions to the job sites that the field workers need to get to.”

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