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New BlackBerry app tests, demoralizes students


The aptly-named Cram launched recently, offering customizable, shareable tests on your BlackBerry. Cram allows for students to keep on studying on the go, even when feverishly going over last-minute notes outside the exam room. Studying on your BlackBerry would be especially handy for the bus, when having a bunch of books out isn’t exactly practical. Cram can import text files which are then translated into multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank tests, and using some web functions those tests can be easily shared with fellow crammers. For the BlackBerry-packing academic, Cram would pair up nicely with StudentDocket (previously known as StudentBerry).

Sunset BlackBerry Curve from T-Mobile due August 4th?


T-Mobile Sunset BlackBerry 8320

Pink BlackBerrys have been increasingly popular these days, but we haven’t seen much of the elusive Sunset colour. Well, here’s a live shot of the T-Mobile BlackBerry 8320 packing the newest paint job, and it’s pretty dashing. Not quite as somber a sanguine as AT&T’s crimson Curve. If the BlackBerry Bold is a bit too rich for your blood, keep your eye out for this beauty on August 4th.

(via Cellphone Signal)

BlackBerry Bold coming soon to Austria


BlackBerry Bold from A1

While Austria usually tends to get stuff shortly after Germany, it looks like they’ll be getting it right on time with everyone else when it comes to the BlackBerry Bold. A1 will shortly be offering the BlackBerry 9000 for € 249,00 ($US 399), presumably with a contract considering the T-Mobile Germany price was clocking in at €550 ($US 880). T-Mobile will also be offering the BlackBerry Bold in Austra, if this Ebay auction is any indication. While we’ve heard about a lot of the larger countries (Australia, Canada, United States, Germany, etc.) getting the BlackBerry Bold lovin’, it’s good to see that the launch is reaching as far and wide as possible.

Cheers, Greez!

Preorder BlackBerry Bold available for $649.99


BlackBerry Bold from Tiger Direct

The Bold hype is truly coming to a boil, what with launch parties, enterprise offers, rumored release dates, and now that Tiger Direct is offering the BlackBerry 9000 for preorder with a reasonably chunky $649.99 pricetag. Unlocked and unbranded, of course, so the price isn’t exactly uncalled for. The real downer here is that Tiger Direct’s ETA for the BlackBerry Bold is September. Aw, c’mon. Hopefully carriers will have better luck offering it sooner, but Tiger Direct is a solid option for folks who haven’t heard anything about a release in their area.

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Austrlian business customers getting the BlackBerry Bold free


BlackBerry Bold

Both Telstra and Vodafone will be offering the BlackBerry Bold to Australian enterprise customers for $0 up front. That in and of itself is a bold statement, and definitely a bargain for enterprises still packing older models. It’ll be hard for CIOs to turn down a deal like that, regardless of any growing enterprise interest in the iPhone. Maybe companies here in North America and elsewhere can look forward to equally aggressive moves from carriers, especially if they think they can coast on plans alone.

(via Australian IT)

BlackBerry Bold browser in action (video)


One of the bigger upgrades with the BlackBerry Bold is the browsing experience, which you can see clearly in this video from Boy Genius. You get a look at the general rendering capability of OS 4.6, as well as speed differences between EDGE and Wi-Fi. I’d be curious to see how 3G compares… On the whole this is a much needed update – the poor BlackBerry browser has been a point of contention for plenty of users for a good long time. You guys happy to see the problem fixed? What’s the next biggest issue RIM needs to tackle?

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