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BlackBerry 8700 gets OS 4.5


BlackBerry 8700Not one to be taken out back just yet, the BlackBerry 8700 can now get in on all of the OS 4.5 fun that the Curve, Pearl and 8800 have recently received. The guts didn’t change too much from the BlackBerry 8700 to the BlackBerry 8100, so you’ll likely see them both supported until they’re kicked to the curb. Do you guys think the 8700 will make the OS 4.6 cut? 4.7? You can grab the latest handheld software for the BlackBerry 8700 from Orange Romania here. They’ve also got the software for a bunch of other devices if you haven’t upgraded yet.

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“Does RIM meet your software expectations?” (Weekly Contest)


Jealous BlackBerry

Opera’s monthly report for June took a look at the popular handsets that folks are using with their mobile browser all around the world and BlackBerry got all kinds of gold stars – being one of the top most popular handsets to feature Opera. Commenter mikedoan said:

…Do the results that you speak of really point to the BB’s popularity as a handset or is it just another indication/reinforcement of the fact that most BB user’s receive a substandard browsing experience (using the native BB Browser).

That leaves us to wonder about all the other stuff that has been left out of the BlackBerry experience, like, say, HTML e-mail viewing and how much of an opportunity stuff like that presents for BlackBerry developers. Are third-party developers just being clever in finding the gaps they can fill, or is RIM just doing a poor job of loading up BlackBerrys with all the functionality they have? What are your baseline expectations for a smartphone, and is RIM meeting them? How much does RIM depend on developers to pick up where they left off? Give us your take on what the BlackBerry has to offer and where software developers fit and win five device skins from Decalgirl and six months of service from SugarSync.

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Touchscreens and the BlackBerry Bold (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 34)


BlackBerry Cool Podcast

First up, sorry for the lateness. The aforementioned server issues slowed production, but no worries- we still recorded and have a heaping two weeks’ worth of news for you this episode. The BlackBerry Thunder and iPhone 3G were both huge news items last week. There are lots of numbers on the ‘net to refute the iPhone’s hype, while the BlackBerry faithful are sticking to their guns and holding out for the BlackBerry Bold. Some more pictures of the BlackBerry Thunder have also floated up, showing off the on-screen keypad and media player, as well as a massive false start by Expansys. This week a lot of stuff was ramping up to a BlackBerry Bold launch, primarily in the form of OS 4.6 software.

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Nokia to keep BlackBerry Connect off new handsets


Nokia E71While those of us packing proper BlackBerrys might not give two sniffs what BlackBerry Connect is up to, a recent move to keep the service off of upcoming Nokia E71 and E66 models could say a thing or two about Nokia and RIM’s current relationship. “Our approach is to make email a mass-market proposition for everybody, not just for the corporate boardroom group of individuals where BlackBerry has established itself,” said Nokia’s UK Managing Director Simon Ainslie. This could very well become a growing issue and threat to BlackBerry Connect’s viability as RIM becomes a concern for other manufacturers. Despite this potentially souring relationship between RIM and Nokia, it does go to show that the big dogs are getting just a little nervous about what BlackBerry’s up to.

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Rogers BlackBerry Bold due August 12th?


Rogers BlackBerry Bold

We’re still holding our breath for an announcement from Rogers today, but rumour has it that the BlackBerry Bold will be out in Canada on August 12th., putting us right on time with the AT&T delay. T-Mobile Germany had also changed their release date from July to August, so it looks like this is a widespread deal. I still think that that the recent OS 4.6 Desktop Manager and Java Desktop Environment are an indication that the Bold would not have been ready for the end of the month. Still worth the wait, no?

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Sprint pawning off cell towers for $670 mil


Cell Tower Pawn Shop

As if you needed any further indication of Sprint’s downward spiral, they’ll be selling off 3,300 of their towers for $670 million to TowerCo. As bad as that sounds, TowerCo will actually be leasing these towers back to Sprint – think of it like outsourcing all of the gritty back-end work. Of course, with someone else handling all of that, it means that Sprint won’t have to keep all the tower maintenance crew on their end anymore and will probably lose a fair number of employees that TowerCo will be replacing. What do you guys think – savvy saving on Sprint’s part?

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