RIM COO wants to take Apple out for a drink

In a recent interview regarding the BlackBerry Bold’s launch versus the iPhone 3G, RIM’s Chief Operating Officer Dennis Kavelman is still in line with the attitude that Apple’s just giving BlackBerry more press.

“‘I want to buy them a drink,’ he said, adding he hoped people would walk into shops looking to buy a competing phone but walk out with a Bold. … ‘It’s great to do the glitz; anybody can build toys and just focus solely on the multimedia stuff - and lots of people want to buy toys - but I think what we’re trying to do is say here’s everything that makes a BlackBerry a BlackBerry, and we’ve packaged it in something that looks really fashionable … and you don’t have to give up all the multimedia stuff.’”

This has been the long-standing angle RIM has taken when it comes to Apple, and it’s either stupid or admirable that they continue to shrug off the iPhone as not a big deal, especially when they’re making a full-blown wannabe.

(via Stuff.co.nz)

6 Responses to “RIM COO wants to take Apple out for a drink”

  1. 1 joseph steig

    frighteningly this sounds just like the sort of bluster that Ballmer uses. hopefully RIM is taking Apple seriously. just like MS, RIM has to compete against a 2008 operating system in the iPhone with their own much dated system.

  2. 2 Albert

    Maybe I’m just too much of an IT geek, but honestly what does the iPhone OS have or do that I cannot do on the BlackBerry OS?

  3. 3 BlogReader

    and you don’t have to give up all the multimedia stuff

    Translation: hey we finally made a phone that can stream!!1!

    Dennis : what exactly makes a blackberry a blackberry? A keypad? Push email? Having to take the battery out to powercycle to fix a networking issue? A craptacular development environment? Except the last 2 the iPhone has it.

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