Security agency overseeing Indian BlackBerry talks

It looks like the Indian government is still not satisfied with the BlackBerry security, situation. RIM, the Department of Telecom, and the Home Ministry are getting together to butt heads on how to resolve things, with talks supervised by the National Security Adviser, but considering the BlackBerry 8330 launch earlier this week, I reckon the government has let service continue while they try to figure the whole mess out. The most popular solution remains to set up servers in India.

“We are insisting for a (BlackBerry) server in India to take care of security agencies concern. But technically and commercially what will be the impact on the Blackberry also has to be taken into consideration and it is being taken.”

Do we have any Indian readers out there who have been caught in the crossfire?

(via IndiaTimes)

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  1. 1 Sameer Nafdey

    I am blackberry fan and user from india. I own blackberry 8820 since 7 months now.I’ve been tracking these news about banning blackberry in india. Mostly I read news from blogs, rss etc over internet on my berry. Few days back I read in some rss post is like the is been resolved, but now it seems it doesn’t. Its very confusing now. Anyways I believe indian govt is very cooperative and will find some way out, but it depends on RIM how much cooperative are they to get this done.

    Sameer Nafdey

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