Sprint forcing users to upgrade data plans?

When the Simply Everything plan came out, it came off as a pretty sweet deal, considering you got GPS navigation, TV, lots of minutes and unlimited data, but by the sounds of it, some users are being forced to upgrade their plans if they pick up a new device. That’s right, no standalone Vision or Power Vision, plans, just Everything, starting at $69/month. Man, throw that in the mix with their customer relations stance, and craptacular Q1 earnings, and you’ve got a carrier continuing a downward spiral. Any Sprint users able to confirm the new data plan setup?

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  1. 1 Gary

    I think this actually makes sense. I have spent some time hanging around sprint forums and it seems like everyone there has a different rate plan / features / priceing / notes on their account for something. That has to be a HUGE nightmare for sprint to bill correctly every month, which I am guess is why there are so many billing problems. To turn the company around I guess they are just trying to clean house and get everyone on the same plan.

    Also this isn’t something that is new to the cell phone world. I work with people who have some ancient phone they refuse to upgrade because they are on some plan that no longer exists. That is the price you have to pay if you want a new phone, get a new contract. Want to keep you plan, then stick with a crap phone.

  2. 2 Michael

    Yep. I have a close friend that received his highly anticipated Instinct just to find out that he had to upgrade his data plan. We currently had a Treo 750 and would have had to upgrade his data plan as well in order to get a BB Curve. So, he opted for the Palm Centro instead since he was able to keep his existing data plan. How’s that for customer relations!

  3. 3 Mike

    There are still a $15 and $25 dollar data pack. As for ur friend Michael that is true on the instinct, must have everything rate plan $69, $89, $99 or family share plan with data,txt,tv,nav etc…They should have told him this before he bought it or did he just call saying he wanted it? This doesnt sound any different then the I-PHONE deal on at&t, they require data. Carriers are learning people dont care about the extra cost they will pay for it. Right or Wrong its the way it is.
    Think about it…..if everyone stop dealing with contracts carrier and did prepaids then the ballgame would change. But in the mean time we pump out tons of cash to have the latest and greatest….I’m just as guilty as the next person I paid full retail for my new berry….But i dont complain

  4. 4 Andy

    Vision and Power Vision Data packs have been renamed.

    Data Pack is $ 15.00. Data Pack required to receive Mobile Email, On Demand, NFL Mobile, Basic Music,
    Basic TV, Sprint Navigation ($2.99 pay-per-day)
    Voice plan required
    *Not an approved plan for PDAs

    Data Premier is a $ 10.00 add on to the above plan. It includes: Sprint Music Premier, Sprint TV Premier, Unlimited Sprint Navigation. Data Pack required.

    Pro Pack is $ 30.00. This plan adds Unlimited Data + EVDO and gives you ActiveSynch for Windows Mobile devices.

    Sprint also offers the Blackberry Pro Back for BIS users at $ 30.00/month. This plan offers the following great features: Unlimited Data Access, Unlimited Web Browsing, Sprint Mobile eMail, On Demand, NFL Mobile, Basic TV, Unlimited Sprint Navigation, and Active Sync. Unlimited BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS).
    Unlimited Text Messaging
    Voice plan required

    If all this plan offered was BIS email and Sprint Navigation for $ 30.00/month it would be worth it.

    Sprint throws in so much more to keep you connected.

  5. 5 Fred

    In December, my plan was about to end in two months (February) but I went to check out and ask about the Sprint upgrading policy. Before, I had the Sanyo Katana for Sprint (flip phone), with which I was largely unsatisfied because of the features and the phone quality. I was planning on getting a Blackberry (Storm/Bold), Instinct, or other interesting phone but the store clerk told me that “Sprint has a new policy that all PDA/Touchscreen/Blackberry type phones are required to be purchased with a Data Plan of an extra $20-$30 dollars per month. I do not need nor want a data plan with internet or anything; I just want a voice plan with texting. So basically he gave me no choice so I just left and said I would be back in 2 months. I was thinking about switching to AT&T but is it worth it? and does AT&T require data plan too?

    *I wonder if it the data plan is required to activate the phone*

  6. 6 bradley

    i have the katana too. it sucks really bad i was thinking about getting the blackberry curve 8330 but i need a new plan. I just dont know wat one to get or which one is the cheapest

  7. 7 bradley

    another thing is do i need the upgrade or can i just get the phone and use it

  8. 8 Ray

    Why get a Blackberry without the data? Thats kinda stooopid!

  9. 9 john

    sprint sucks make you pay for a everything plan to have a better phone wont do it there loss

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