Vacation spots for BlackBerry detox

We’ve heard about folks bringing their mobiles with them on vacation, but if you can’t trust yourself to unplug during extended off-time, there are more than a few tourist destinations that are offering to take away not only your BlackBerry while you enjoy your stay. They don’t stop at BlackBerrys, either - many don’t offer phones, TVs or WiFi. Sounds harsh, but let’s face it, some of us could certainly use the help. A few of the electronics-free zones include Alton Towers in Straffordshire, Arawak Beach Inn in Anguilla, Kona Village Resort in Hawaii, and Little Palm Island in the Florida keys.

(via Globe and Mail)

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  1. 1 DavidB

    I would think just about ANY cruise ship would have little to no connectivity at sea. So, go take a cruise (unless you’re packin’ a WiFi ‘berry of course)!!!

  1. 1 Anguilla » Saint Barthélemy

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