What’s the deal with the BlackBerry Thunder?

Obviously, as bloggers, we’re forced to deal with many rumors and half-truths in order to bring you the latest in BlackBerry news. However, the ongoing confusion over RIM’s upcoming CDMA touchscreen device is becoming almost too much to bear.

At first, we thought it was to be called the BlackBerry Storm, then the BlackBerry Thunder. Then we were told its haptic keyboard was fantastic, only to have that idea shot down by the Internet’s resident Deep Throat, the Boy Genius. The gadget nuts over at Gizmodo have now thrown their hat into the ring, claiming through sources that the BlackBerry Thunder was in fact the Storm all along, it will not be delayed, and does, in fact, rock.

The only thing we can be sure of is that nothing is certain until we actually have the device in-hand. Jim-dog, you want to swing by BBCool HQ and give us a demo?

**Update** Boy Genius has now posted a PowerPoint slide as evidence of the BlackBerry Thunder’s namesake.

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  1. 1 Mobile

    What do you mean by “deep throat”? Do you mean “douchebag” ? Because then I would have to agree. and who the hell is Blaze? He talks about him like hes a celebrity or something.

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