BlackBerry Bold launches in Chile, Hong Kong soon

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All of the excitement over the BlackBerry Bold is finally coming to fruition as some of the first carriers begin to offer the new handset. PCCW is offering the BlackBerry 9000 in their online store for $1,988 (around $US 260), although it sounds like it’s only available for preorder. 1010 is also teasing with their offer due in “mid-August”, which should include Chinese language support. Chile’s Movistar has also gone live, at a considerably steeper $299,990 (around $588). Hong Kong’s launch party and Movistar’s early info in their online store showed some definite progress on the Bold-front, but I doubt anyone was expecting these guys to bring it out so soon. Obviously we can expect the the BlackBerry Bold to be hitting up more local carriers soon, but it’s still a bit crazy that Chile of all places is getting it before everyone else.

(via Pinstack, Engadget)

  • RainerG
    According to T-Mobiles website,4855,2963-_... the Bold is available right now from T-Mobile Germany. w/o contract it costs €459.95 (approx. $715).
  • Leonardo
    I was so excited to know that the Bold was being sold in Chile. I called first thing in the morning and they said... It isn´t being sold :P seems like it was only a presentation or something like that. You cannot buy the BB Bold yet. Which sucks. What a rip off. I mean if they aren't selling it, what is up with the fake advertisement saying they are the first in the world. What a fake :P anyway... Too bad for me and the rest of humanity (lol):P
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