RIM Vader-strangled Palm over the last year


Another survey from ChangeWave dances on Palm’s grave by showing RIM’s compared progress over the last year. Planned BlackBerry purchases over the next 90 days had reached 82% from 61% in February ‘07, while Palm dropped from 22% to a dismal 8% in May ‘08. Needless to say, the two companies show an inverse relationship in planned activations, stock prices and enterprise sales. Although the feeling you get from looking at the numbers is akin to watching an episode of The World’s Most One-Sided Fistfights, it does give you hope for what RIM might be able to do against beefier competitors like Apple and Nokia.

(via ChangeWave)

3 Responses to “RIM Vader-strangled Palm over the last year”

  1. 1 hidari

    This is a zero shocker.. The stock should prove at how well each company performs. Being a former 7 year palm veteran going to blackberry with alot of others jumping ship should prove where palm is heading.

  2. 2 BlackBerry Cool


    quick question:

    as a ‘palm veteran’, i have to know if the Centro interested you at all, or what it would take for them to get you back?

  3. 3 hidari

    @blackberry cool (yes im on that website too)

    I had ZERO interest in that given that it was the same ol OS with a grain of salt added to keep it alive. For me to come back this is what they would have to do:
    A) Trim the fat. blackberry does it(currently on a 8830)
    the dang thing feels like a PADD from Star Trek TNG
    B) Not be afraid to integrate WIFI+GPS+Bluetooth
    Palm’s philosophy was NOT to bundle these into 1 phone
    C) OS - LINUX LINUX LINUX. PalmOS(PoS) is dead. Make it linux with a rombase you can homebrew like the Mogul and put a layer on it for legacy palm Apps. Or just go Cold turkey and go new.

    Most importantly:
    D) Stability. I have went through a defect of 700P’s and I was convinced that there was a bluetooth defect which they never admitted to. Honestly Having a stable phone that did what it did w/o constantly rebooting. Don’t totally blame 3rd party apps because on phones 3 - 5 I installed NOTHING including contacts and it still kept rebooting.

    E) Better relations. I had talks with palm mgmt regarding my issues. It got me nowhere…..

    The above would make me go back to palm. If they can re-WOW me like they did when I went from my handspring visor + Visorphone to my Treo 600p they will win me back.

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