BlackBerry Thunder coming to Verizon October 13th?

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Previous word on a mid-October release for the Verizon BlackBerry 9530 has just been corroborated by a juicy leak. This spreadsheet showing the BlackBerry 9530 was accompanied by an ominous post: “Is VZW getting ready to ‘take the world by storm’ tm on October 13th?” That sounds like marketing-speak if I’ve ever heard it, and makes one wonder a bit about whether or not the BlackBerry 9530 will actually be named the Thunder or the Storm. After all, we all had a bit of a surprise when the Kickstart got dummed down to Pearl status… Whatever it’s called, the upcoming touchscreen BlackBerry has been getting just as much attention, if not more in light of its iPhone similarities. The BlackBerry Thunder Storm 9530 will be packing Rhapsody support, a fine media player and camera, along with a virtual keyboard with haptic feedback. If the BlackBerry Bold isn’t winning you over, this one might just be worth waiting for…

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  • Jimmy Pop
    It's not even in production yet.
  • nobody
    To my understanding Blackberry will present the 9500 "Thunder" model during the opening of the first Blackberry Developer Conference on October 21 and 22. BB is simply applying a winning communication strategy that Steve Jobs also uses: presenting his newest products to their early adopters, during Apple's developer week.

    The shipping of the "Thunder" model would then start two weeks later.

    This should give you some visibility on this particular product launch.
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