New Saltwater BlackBerry theme makes you swim with fishies

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The latest magic out of Bplay is the Saltwater theme, complete swimming fish and rising bubbles! This isn’t the first time they’ve animated a background, but it’s still an impressive trick. Saltwater is packing a bottom-dock Precision style that will be coming on the BlackBerry Bold. This is the perfect theme to have on your BlackBerry’s home screen when you’re in the middle of a stressful meeting - just pretend it’s a real aquarium. Head on over to Bplay to grab the Saltwater theme for BlackBerry!

(Just keep in mind that it’s’s not compatible with the BlackBerry 8830…)

  • bettwice2
    Themes on Bplay are only available via OTA download. They aren't able to be downloaded via desktop.
  • Ferdinando
    Where can I download this theme in zip to load it via desktop manager.
  • Aaron
    I'm glad I'm first on the list of people to call!
  • Bambi Blue
    Hey, that redhead girl's a looker!

  • Sarah
    This theme is awesome! I installed it on my BB curve 8300 OS 4.5 and it works beautifully!
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