Why can’t Rogers release the BlackBerry Bold? (Updated)

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Rogers BlackBerry Bold FAIL Picture

UPDATE 2: Just got word from a Rogers store in Ottawa that they’ve now received two Bolds. Yep, two BlackBerry Bolds for launch day. We have no idea if more are coming in later through the day, but we recommend hustling to stores now just in case. Fly, my minions, fly!

UPDATE: While the Bold is now available for purchase via Roger’s online store, it’s unlikely you’ll actually be able to get one today from any brick-and-mortar location. Store employees, clearly tired of taking the brunt of this fiasco, are recommending that you try Best Buy. Jeepers.

Troubling news is coming from Rogers regarding the much-anticipated, highly-overpriced BlackBerry Bold. Today we received notification from our Rogers rep. that late Bold shipments have delayed a full release until the end of August. A quick call to local Rogers stores in our area confirmed that while sales information is in their system, they still have no devices in stock. This news, of course, comes a mere hours before the official launch date of August 21st that Rogers announced earlier this week. Compounding this delay is the fact that as of Sunday, August 17th, Rogers employees were still being told that the Bold would quietly drop on the 19th; upon arriving at work, employees were then informed of the new 21st launch date.

So what is the reason for the delays? Noted BlackBerry insider Jibi points to last-minute OS updates as the culprit, and mentions the 28th as a potential release date, falling in line with what we’ve heard. One would hope that Rogers is taking the time to consider their pricing plan for the Bold, but with Rogers salespeople telling us that the Bold is showing up in their system for $600 on a two year contract (!), I wouldn’t hold your breath.

So what’s the net result of all this confusion? The BlackBerry Bold, RIM’s newest flagship device, may or may not be in a Rogers store near you on the day of its official release. If it is there, you will have to pay far more than most would deem reasonable for it. In other words, FAIL.

  • Cole
    i so cant wait till the bold comes to my town
  • Andrew
    What a bunch of crappy news. Best Buy and Futre Shop have had more phones in stock over the past few days then Rogers has had, therefore the romuor that RIM has delayed the phones because of software issue is BS.
  • Ben
    I have a 6555 Nokia on AT&T and have absolutly no 3G problems and never have, My Son and Daughter have 3G iPhones and have constant 3G issues, reception problems and battery life problems, we live in the same house and all work localy, it would appear, at least to me, that the problem is the iPhone, both son and daughter are looking for replacements for their iPhones.
  • old bluetooth
    I was going to say something, but honestly, what a FUBAR. And I can believe th 3G issues are AT&T, not necessarily the phone, BUT there are other 3g units in their line-up and we do not hear the 3G issues. Frankly, i am tired of all the talk and reasons. My very old Curve will see me out. Thanks
  • Bla1ze
    PS: As for the info on the camera, seriously, who buys a camera phone to capture high quality shots anyways, if you are that concerned about the quality of your pictures, you should already have a GOOD camera for use...cell phone cameras were not meant to create Pulitzer prize winning pictures.
  • Bla1ze
    Yeah, have to agree on the BBCool stand...AT&T's network is the issue,not the device it's self...many other carriers worldwide have launched the Bold with NO issues at all..RIM is not in the game of releasing devices at sub par levels, they have proven that fact many times over, sure their is a lot of things wrong with RIM...but quality of devices is not one of them. Even RIMS lower level device (8100) is better then most phones in terms of quality and they even improved upon that over time.
  • Interesting point raffy on the AT&T delays.

    However, I can personally attest to Bold devices not having this 3G problem on the Rogers network.

    People attribute it to the device, but AT&T's network isn't exactly renowned.
  • Raffy
    The other reason...

    Bold no direct iPhone rival, suffers 3G flaw according to analyst

    The BlackBerry Bold and iPhone 3G share similar traits but ultimately apply to entirely different markets, Citigroup investment analyst Jim Suva says in a research note issued today. In a hands-on test of the Bold shortly before its launch, Suva notes that the Bold touts both 3G and a significantly improved web browser versus earlier BlackBerries but that its design is still ultimately suited to work versus Apple's offering. This is particularly acute with the Bold potentially costing as much as $399 on contract.
    The Bold is a "strong product but not a game changer," Suva says. "We believe it will appeal to business users who travel internationally, but less so to consumers given its likely high price."

    The analyst also notes that the BlackBerry suffers from the same problems of the iPhone, including 3G connection problems; the device will frequently drop 3G in favor of a slower, 2G EDGE link when downtown. Suva speculates that the flaw may likewise stem from rough software and that AT&T may have delayed its launch primarily to stabilize 3G performance.

    Its two-megapixel camera is also sub-par versus those from other phones, he adds.


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