Rogers BlackBerry Bold Unboxing


Despite much ado, the Canadian BlackBerry 9000 is ready to roll. Getting shipments in has been a bit of an issue for Rogers, considering this Bold, bought at Ottawa’s flagship Rogers Plus, was one of two available…. Still, you can order yours online from Rogers here, and you’ll get it when you get it.

The BlackBerry Bold versus the Nokia E71… more on that later…

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  1. 1 Abercrombie

    wow, looks awesome, good luck with your new bold

  2. 2 Cyrus

    Did it come with the holster? Or did you purchase that separately? Why can’t I find one store in Calgary with a bold?!?!

  3. 3 Aaron

    Looks so pretty!

  4. 4 BBWorld Stefano

    But have it … lucky u!!

  5. 5 Kirsten

    Did you get that this afternoon? I called them and they JUST sold the last one… if it was you… haha good going anyways!

  6. 6 Luigi

    What headphone is that pictured with the Bold?

  7. 7 Mouss12

    I can’t find those new rate plans we were told about! I went to buy on on the site and was offered their old plans. Anyone know when the new plans will be available?

  8. 8 Supermartin

    So…went to Rogers in Ottawa today on Ogilvie road where they had 2 bolds on stock. Pricing was as posted $399/3 years, or $649 to buy outright.

    Let me preface the next by saying that I went with every intention to buy it; but did not!!!

    Firstly, the thing looks pretty crappy, my 8310 is so much nicer and sleeker, and let me tell you (and I hate to sat it) there is no comparison with the size, design and pimp value on the iphone-that rogers is pushing so hard with POP material.

    Second, thinking critically about this handset, I use BB for the kick ass, no compromise email. So for this feature so little has changed since BB7290 and maybe even before, so there was no point changing. In reality I have owned recent N85 NAM and iphone that I realize that to justify a new BB they really have to step up on the fun factor. They have small little changes, but nothing major. Comon BB 2MP, in the days of 5-8MP cameras?

    Anyhoo, a couple of noteable upgeades, screen, WIFI, and 3G, all good features, but no desperate need to upgrade for these, especialy with pretty crappy design, and definately crappy build quality-right BGR? (remember ond BBs that you could drop from a second story balcony and they would survive?

    Price….dont get me started, RIM and ROgers dropped the ball.

    My 2c, now im even doubting Javelin with 3.2MP will get me going,

    For now 4.5OS on 8310 will keep me just fine!

  9. 9 Rubens

    The Bold is a real beauty. I guess its a difference of opinion from Supermartin’s comments. I happen to own the Curve 8310 there is no comparison: the Bold is a real beauty of a device and much nicer than the Curve. In fact, I happen to believe the Curve build quality isn’t anywhere close to as nice as the Bold. The Curve has always had a very fisher price robust toy feel to me.

    I’m not sure what else we you’d want with the push e-mail, indicating nothing has changed since the 7290. The Bold supports HTML e-mail, not a major deal but a big change nonetheless.

    Can’t wait to pick one up, too bad Rogers dropped the ball on the delivery.

    P.S. As nice as the iPhone is, I’d take this new Bold any day of the week over it.

  10. 10 Simon Sage

    @Cyrus, @Luigi All the accessories there come with the Bold, holster and headphones included. The jack on those earbuds is waaaaay too big for me - sticking with the my Bose in-ears.

    @Mouss12 I think there’s going to be a push to allow the 6GB plan available only to upgrading customers, since they’re trying to phase it out before the end of the month. My sales rep was pretty nice, so he hooked me up without any problem.

    @Kirsten I got the first one at around 11ish. Sorry. ;) Be sure to check Best Buy and Future Shop, they should be getting a few today.

    @Supermartin All really great points. You’re right that the Bold is only an incremental upgrade and doesn’t do anything that you can’t do on older models, but it does make the overall experience sleeker. And yeah, the price is total balls.

  11. 11 David

    Hi, has anyone seen the case that comes with the Bold. is it a swivel belt case, is it good? Its hard to see from the picture above.

  12. 12 Karen

    @David: Yes the case is a swivel belt case. It feels a bit heavy to me because of the magnet closure….but I’m a newbie.

  13. 13 Oxxy

    I saw this gallery while browsing on this store. Here is the link of that gallery

    I think you have to copy since I don’t know how to do links.

  14. 14 reilly

    how much is it to upgrade from a sony Walkman to a Bold?
    Iv had the phone for over year and a half.

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