Early BlackBerry Bold reports of poor 3G reception

We’ve heard from scattered sources that the BlackBerry Bold isn’t picking up 3G quite as well as it should be. The delayed Rogers and AT&T launch could be possibly be a result of the rough performance.

“We had a few occasional 3G signal dropping troubles at some locations especially on high-rises building streets & on our 34th floor (EDGE picked up immediately but slower internet speeds),” writes [Citigroup analyst Jim Suva].

While Suva’s opinion on the BlackBerry 9000 is generally positive, the 3G issue is still pretty big - we’ve even been hearing that the Hong Kong versions will be incompatible with the 3G networks over there. Did carriers drop the ball on this one, or is it their prerogative to expand their service as they see fit? Did RIM work closely enough with carriers when developing the Bold to make sure they could make the most out of the handset, or are they just taking the long view for when 3G coverage is more widespread? T-Mobile’s 3G rollout is seeing plenty of progress, and it’s entirely possible that your personal BlackBerry Bold experience will dependent on the same kind of forward momentum.

(via Barron’s)

3 Responses to “Early BlackBerry Bold reports of poor 3G reception”

  1. 1 Raffy

    2 different phones same problem… iPhone and BOLD maybe the problem is with AT&T network…

  2. 2 Michael

    Don’t blame the handset - AT&T’s network just stinks…

  3. 3 needcaffeine

    the 3G issues in the US are all because the FCC or T-Mobile bought a band which isn’t used by anyone else. The 3G will work on Cingulars(I refuse to call them ATT), is compatible with other worldwide carriers.

    I just bought a Bold in Hong Kong, I’m more concerned about 3G when I’m traveling, especially to Japan/Korea, then I am about the US - I don’t want to have be switching phones, and the 8707 is just too old.

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