Rogers BlackBerry Bold shows up in online store, but not in reality

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The BlackBerry Bold is now available for purchase in Canada for a teeth-grinding $399.99 on a 3-year plan. Think that’s bad? As rumored, it’ll be costing $599.99 even on a two-year plan. And if you don’t want a contract? Still $599.99. That’s right, a two-year contract doesn’t knock the price one bit. While you should be able to order one online, your local retailer might not have them in stock just yet - be sure to call ahead! Today was the official launch date, so you’re well within your rights to berate any sales reps who don’t have any info for you. Our few calls around town are revealing that shipments have gotten in yet, so don’t get your hopes up too high. One rep, obviously frustrated by the number of calls he received this morning on the subject, actually told us to check out Best Buy. Sounds like epic fail to me.

UPDATE: Official announcement of the Rogers BlackBerry Bold is right over here.

(via Rogers)

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