Sunset BlackBerry 8320 available from T-Mobile

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The shiny red BlackBerry Curve rumored last week came to T-Mobile over the weekend, now available for $149.99 on a two-year plan. The BlackBerry 8320 packs all the usual goodies you can expect from the Wi-Fi Curve, namely Hotspot@Home access, which lets you make calls willy-nilly over your home wireless network, as well as MyFaves, for quick and unlimited contact with your favourite contacts. While the pink paint jobs might win over the female segment, I see a colour like this appealing to the dudes just as easily. Hotrod red is a pretty slick colour, and if I was looking to pick up a Curve, this might even win over the grim titanium. Scope out the T-Mobile online shop for more details.

2 Responses to “Sunset BlackBerry 8320 available from T-Mobile”

  1. 1 Yaretzi Miranda

    Had The BlackBerry 8320 and checked in. But Im sure Germanys victory over your home wireless network will quiet them down for the weekend. Calls consisted of about 3 items, most of which had finished.

  2. 2 James Kirk

    This new color is one of the best things that has happened to me. It means I was able to get a close-out GOLD BB from t-mobile last week for $100 after MIR ($50 cheaper than the titanium). It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m now a BB convert!

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